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Holy Week“Let that same mind be in you that was in Christ Jesus,…” (Philippians 5:1)

The tension of Palm Sunday, indeed all of Holy Week, never ceases to capture my attention. Beliefs, values and world views are colliding in this dramatic conclusion to the public ministry of Jesus: The reign of God in conflict with the principalities and powers of this world; the complete living, loving and dying of one offering a new paradigm of relationship built not upon power and domination but upon mercy, grace, justice and love; transformed and resurrected life preparing to burst forth from the place where the world sees only death; self interest giving way to concern for others.

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We are 45 congregations — large and small — across the Green Mountains of Vermont who share in the mission to pray the prayer of Christ, to learn the mind of Christ, and to do the deeds of Christ. We live into this mission through ministries of Formation; Liberation; Communication; Connection; Celebration. Please explore our web site for news and events, communications from the Bishop and various other resources. If you are looking for a local church please click on "Find a Church" in our Quick Links. Our churches welcome you wherever you are on your spiritual journey.

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Bishop Thomas Ely

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Recalculating the Way! A Day of Hope...

UCC and Episcopal churches gather to Recalculate the WayThe 82nd meeting of the “Church Must Change Committee” convened before an overflow capacity crowd. The Lake Morey Inn was filled with laughter and animated conversation as 200+ Episcopal and UCC congregants gathered to consider how to recalculate being Church in the 21st century. “You cannot “plan” enthusiasm of the presenters” said the Rev. David Ganter of St. James’ Episcopal Church, Essex Junction,"but we felt the energy and enthusiasm of every presenter's message." Indeed, it was a day of energy, enthusiasm, and hope. A video of the presenters can be found here.

A short film clip from the movie Apollo 13 illustrated the challenge facing the Church. The Apollo 13 support crew had to figure out to put a square part inside a round receptacle using only what was on board the spacecraft. The analogy was received with great humor and sparked conversation rich with ideas and reflection on the following questions:

A message from the Diocesan Economic Justice Coalition

As members of the Diocesan Economic Justice and Income Equality Coalition, we have been charged with giving life to the resolution that was passed in our most recent Diocesan Convention. The resolution called upon our bishop, the House of Bishops and the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church, the President of the House of Deputies and the Executive Council to speak out and name economic inequality as a spiritual and moral issue of immediate and urgent concern. We have transmitted that request, and Bishop Ely has been pressing for action to be taken by the Presiding Bishop and the bodies of The Episcopal Church. He also focused his Ash Wednesday message on this topic.

Keeping a Holy Lent with a Focus on Economic Justice

Keeping a holy Lent with a focus on Economic Justice

The Right Reverend Thomas C. Ely, Bishop of Vermont

Ash Wednesday 2014


We are invited each Lent “to the observance of a holy Lent, by self-examination and repentance; by prayer, fasting and self denial; and by reading and meditating on God’s holy Word.” (BCP p.265) This Lent, I invite people throughout the Episcopal Church in Vermont to approach this discipline with particular attention to matters of economic justice and income inequality.

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