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Strategic Plan

The 2004 Convention of the Diocese of Vermont adopted a Strategic Plan for Growth and Ministry for the period 2005–2010. The 2009 Convention received a review and an updated plan, with the understanding that Diocesan Council is resolved to keep the plan a “living document,” reviewing it on an ongoing basis. Council again updated the plan in 2010. It has a vision statement (below) and specific goals in the 8 key ministry areas of:

  • Christian Formation for All Ages
  • Spiritual Growth Ministry
  • Outreach and Social Justice
  • Communications
  • Organizational, Structural and Financial
  • Parish Parish Diocese
  • Rock Point
  • Caring for God’s Creation

Links to the 2010 update and earlier plan documents are below.

The Vision

The Diocesan Council envisions a lively, mission- oriented church that discerns and welcomes God’s call to us as a Diocese. Five interwoven themes emerge from this call:


that promotes lifelong Christian learning and growth across all ages; increases and develops existing educational opportunities; and supports the ongoing development of spiritual resources such as the Christian Meditation Center and the training/ certification of spiritual directors.


that increases active involvement in identifying and expanding local and statewide social justice pro- grams; maintains ongoing efforts to dismantle racism; supports international social justice programs; increases the number of Jubilee Centers in Vermont; and develops liturgies that celebrate these efforts.


that conveys the good news of Jesus Christ and the ministries and mission of Vermont Episcopalians to one another and their communities through a variety of media; takes advantage of current technology to share information and resources; enables all congregations to utilize such technology; and supports other ongoing ministries.


that increases Bishop and Ministry Support Team contact with congregations, particularly in geo- graphically isolated areas; establishes a comprehensive strategy for the stewardship of human, financial and physical resources; supports and further develops congregational and diocesan leadership.


that recognizes and give thanks for the abundant gifts and resources we have been given for the mission to which God calls us. In particular, we celebrate the gifts and talents of our people and the institutional resources of our diocese, such as Rock Point, Saint Paul’s Cathedral, Mission Farm, the Bishop Booth Conference Center, Rock Point School, the Brookhaven Home and School, and the Rock Point Summer Conferences.

Our action plan is ambitious and exciting. It reflects our commitment to the ministry of the baptized and indicates what we believe God is calling us to do over the next few years. The five themes are threads weaving through and unifying all areas of the action plan.

Diocesan Council is firmly committed to leading the implementation of this plan by working with committee chairs and others responsible for particular ministries. Council will review the strategic plan annually and make adjustments as necessary.
To God be the glory for these ministries and for what is yet to be.

Strategic Plan Documents

2010 Strategic Plan Update (pdf)
2004 Strategic Plan Summary (print booklet version—pdf)
2004 Strategic Plan Summary (screen view version—pdf)
2004 Strategic Plan, Complete (pdf)
2004 Strategic Plan Matrix (pdf)

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