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The Freeway Relay

The Freeway Relay

Report from our Diocesan I-91 ‘Freeway Relay’ thanks to John Morris:

Our first test of the Relay worked just fine.

Parishioners in Newport packed up 130 snack bags and took them to the parish in St. Johnsbury, where parishioners were packing up 130 lunch bags. Then all of those items were brought to St. Martin’s this morning, where we loaded them up with the 130 brown bag “dinners” that our parishioners had prepared Wednesday morning. The items took two vehicles to transport but we made it to the Montshire Museum and delivered them to the students, staff, and parents of Moretown Elementary School (The school’s septic system backed up during the flood caused by Irene and the school is not ready for use until next week. All the carpets and some of the walls had to be ripped out. They will begin school with a “bare bones” building.)

Thank you to the sandwich-makers and sandwich-haulers: Linda Secord, Melinda Ricker, Erin Ricker, Kirsten Glass, Janet Jones, Connie Gephart, Mary Hays, Bill Secord, and Susan Morris. Also, we are grateful to Panera in West Lebanon for donating bread and to Poverty Lane Orchard in Lebanon for donating apples.

Note: Each parish had some leftover items (snacks, bread, turkey, cheese, ham, juice, etc.). All of those items were taken to St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in White River Junction to be used for lunches that are being taken to families and volunteers in towns west of White River Junction.

And thank you to those who have already donated funds for this project.

By next week, we will have a list of specific items that are needed for the next “relay”. In the meantime, gift cards from “big box” stores will always be useful. They can be brought to St. Martin’s at any time and will be kept until the next delivery.

Posted by Canon Lynn Bates on the community network

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