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Hurricane Posts from the Online Forum

From the Rev. Lee Ferry (Hardwick)

Dan Noyes, who works with the Volunteer Center of Central Vermont and the Northeast Kingdom (RSVP), is recruiting volunteers to help with post-Irene work in Waterbury.

He says what they need varies from day to day, but they can usually use people to answer phones, and they were looking for people to build handicap access ramps when I spoke with him.

Anyone who’s interested or has questions can contact him: Dan Noyes 167 Park St Morrisville VT 05661 (802)888-2190 (802)888-2571 fax

From Sarah Benton (Brattleboro)

Our sister parish, St. Mary’s, Wilmington, must evacuate their building and are currently sharing space at the UCC church in Wilmington. They have asked for our help tomorrow morning (Saturdy 9-24) from 8:00 am-12:00 noon.

We will be removing items from the sanctuary to be moved into storage. Trucks will pick up pews, floor runners, wall hangings etc. beginning as early as 9:00.

We will take Murphy’s soap and rags to clean the pews before they are loaded onto the truck.
We will need screw guns (and those who can use them) to remove the pews from the floor and from the walls.
We will provide coffee and snacks for the workers and perhaps a light lunch.
We will meet tomorrow at 7: 30am at the Church of Christ on Western Avenue.

If you can help with this project please let us know today.
Lori Palmer ( 251-0660) or Jean Smith (258-4824.)

From Steve Eubanks, Senior Warden at St. John’s in Randolph:

Angie Emerson was at the Community Dinner last night in Stockbridge.  So wonderful that she and the people from St. Stephen’s in MIddlebury have come to help!

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