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Ministry Expo 2013


Saturday, April 20
St. John’s Episcopal Church
15 Summer St., Randolph, Vermont

What’s Stirring in the Episcopal Church in Vermont?  Not only have we launched a new initiative called Stirrings of the Spirit but the 2013 Ministry Expo on April 20 at St. John’s Randolph and Bethany UCC will explore what the Spirit is doing in our lives and ministries.  The Expo will feature two presentations by the Rev. Donald Schell (bio) and each presentation will be followed by a workshop co-led with Bishop Tom Ely.    The morning workshop will focus on special issues for clergy and the afternoon workshop will focus on special issues for vestry leadership.

Download Ministry Expo 2013 Brochure (PDF, trifold)
Download Ministry Expo 2013 Registration Form (PDF)

Our Shared Work in Community/Liturgy
Forming Us for Courage, Compassion, and Creativity

A message from our speaker Donald Schell:

“It takes a village to raise a child,” so the African proverb tells us. Our formation as people is public work, the old Greek colloquial understanding of leitourgia, liturgy.  And like the village, the work we share in the liturgy grows us into the fullness of our freedom in Christ.

Drawing on familiar practices in our Prayer Book along with some invented (non-liturgical) ritual practice, we’ll explore what we’re doing and why we do it Sunday by Sunday or whenever the people gather for worship.

Community life and mission demand communication and collaboration; they generate conflict (sometimes creative, sometimes not) and move us to practice re-conciliation.  We’ll experience all those moments in our liturgical explanation/work and playshop and offer stories and reflection to connect what we’re doing to familiar experience and new visions of our life together.  
By open, contemplative attention to what we’re doing and by developing our “skillful means” as practitioners, we’ll seek to free the creative, formative power that makes worship the logical (and wise) center of Christian community.


“Turn Off the Light for God’s Sake!” – The Rev. Stephanie Johnson, Province I Environmental Minister

“Turning of the lights for God’s sake” is a workshop which explores why even the smallest effort to care for God’s Creation is important.  As people of the Resurrection, we will discuss   how we can live faithfully and hopefully in the face of climate change.  Additionally, we will explore and share ways in which individuals and congregations can support each other in their own environmental ministries.

Paperless Music~~~ Singing, Leading, Loving! – The Rev. Cricket Cooper and Company

Can you imagine people chiming in on a new hymn as easily as they sing “Happy Birthday” at a friend’s party?  “Paperless” music is not mysterious or difficult~ it’s just singing together with love.
Join us to learn some easy pieces of music, and to experience how quickly tentative singing turns to pure joy and community-building.  Learn some simple tricks of the trade to help lead and teach songs in your own community.  
Paperless music is contagious~  Come prepared to catch fire!

Business Administration for Churches – Julie Giguere

Join Julie Giguere, Financial Administrator for the Diocese,  as she discusses the responsibility of  treasurers and vestry members tasked with managing the business of their churches.  Bring your questions!

Stirrings of the Spirit:  Transformative Experiences- The Rev. Susan McGarry

This workshop will offer examples of transformative experiences in both church communities and beyond.  You will be invited to reflect on your own  experiences both in church settings and beyond church settings where you have experienced spiritual transformation. The church of the future may itself live in the intersection of these two kinds of transformative experiences. We begin by noticing and remembering these experiences as they occur in and around us.

Stirrings of the Spirit:  Innovative Liturgy~~Dinner Church – Jennifer Knowles and Jennifer Ogelby

Dinner Church is a wonderful alternative worship experience!  St. James in Essex Junction has Dinner Church once a month and sometimes on special occasions.  We will share our experiences, our service bulletin outlines, some fun meal suggestions, and maybe even sing some Dinner Church songs!

 Formation Ministries – The Rev. Joel Hill and The Rev. Donna Reid

Fresh from the Province One convocation, Joel and Donna will share some of the newest and freshest examples of what is stirring in the area of formation ministries. The workshop will also explore some of the ancient stories of Jesus as we move more deeply into what it means to follow Jesus.

Communications tools and tips: connecting the diocese and parishes – Veronika Travis and The Rev. Scott Neal

This workshop will introduce the diocesan web site and social media channels as ways of connecting your parish to the larger church. It will also be an opportunity for you to offer feedback and ideas to the Communications Work Group as we help the Bishop adapt our communications ministry to the new tools and realities of our church and our community in Vermont.

Ministry Expo Schedule

  8:30 –9:00      Registration, Gathering, Hospitality
  9:00 –9:30      Welcome and Opening Worship
  9:30–10:15     Plenary: The Rev. Donald Schell
10:30–11:45     Session I Workshops:

      • Clergy Leadership in the 21st Century (Schell/Ely)
      • “Turn off the Light” (Johnson)
      • Stirrings of the Spirit (Osborn/McGarry)
      • Paperless Music (Cooper)
      • Tips for Treasurers (Giguere)

11:45–12:15  Lunch (bring your own)
12:15– 1:30    Keynote address: The Rev. Donald Schell (Bethany Church)
  1:45– 3:00      Session II Workshops:

      • Vestry Leadership in the 21st Century (Schell/Ely)
      • Stirrings of the Spirit (Osborn/McGarry)
      • Formation Ministries (Hill/Reidt)
      • Communications tools and tips (Travis/Neal)


The event will be headquartered at St. John’s Episcopal Church, Randolph. Workshops will be at St, John’s; Bethany United Church of Christ, 30 North Main Street; and  Offices of Dubois and King, 28 North Main Street .


Parking is somewhat limited, so plan to carpool if possible.
There is parking in the lot diagonally across from St. John’s at the corner of Summer and School Streets (20 spaces), and limited on-street parking on Summer Street.
There is also parking in the lot between St. John’s and the Dubois & King office building (entrance off School Street; 40 spaces).


Registration opens March 15, 2013


Congregational groups may register at a cost of $40 for 4–6 people and $5 for each additional person.
The fee for individuals is $10.
The fee includes morning snacks and coffee/tea.
Make checks payable to Diocese of Vermont.


The Expo is a bring-your-own-food-no-waste event. Compost pails will be available for food waste, and recycling containers will be available for aluminum, plastic and bottles. Please, No Bottled Water!
Stainless steel water bottles and compost pails will be available for purchase at the Expo, courtesy of the Diocese of Vermont Earth Stewards Committee.

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