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Call for Resolutions, 2012 Convention

Members of the Diocese are invited to submit resolutions for consideration by the November 2012 Diocesan Convention.

In preparing resolutions, please review the document, “Preparing a Resolution for Diocesan Convention,” and the notes below to ensure that they follow the proper form for resolutions.

The Resolutions Committee is required to review resolutions before they are considered by Diocesan Convention unless there is a legislative action of Convention waiving this requirement.  Resolutions should be mailed to:

Laura Chase, Chair of the Resolutions Committee
100 Eastview Terrace #119
Middlebury, VT 05753

Or by e-mail:

The deadline for submission of resolutions to the Chair of the Resolutions Committee is September 7, 2012. Resolutions received by the deadline will be read, considered and discussed with the author. These resolutions will be included in the Pre-Convention Journal and distributed to delegates prior to the convention.

Convention Rules of Order stipulate: “No resolution may be submitted to the Resolutions Committee for consideration after the published deadline unless extraordinary circumstances exist.”

Notes on the form for resolutions:
Resolutions should call for specific action and state clearly who or what group should be responsible. Questions to consider when writing a resolution include:
• Does this resolution amend an existing position or policy of the Diocese of Vermont?
• Does this resolution offer a new position or policy?
• Are there any budget implications if this resolution is adopted?
• Does this resolution require a canonical or constitutional change?
Each resolution should have a brief descriptive title that highlights the area of concern. Ex. “A Resolution on Fossil Fuel Awareness and Conservation.”
The title is followed by “Resolved” clauses. The word “Resolved” is in all capital letters or printed in italics and is followed by a comma and the word “That” which begins with a capital “T.” Each resolved paragraph should close with a semicolon, followed by “and therefore be it” if there are additional resolves or a period. A resolving paragraph should not contain a period within its structure.
At the end of the resolution the proposer or proposers should be identified, along with who/what body they represent.
In lieu of a preamble and in order to avoid lengthy “Whereas” clauses, a separate paragraph entitled “Explanation” follows the resolution. This is where the presenter can provide the rationale and background clarification for the resolution.
For examples of resolution format, see the resolutions considered by the 2012 General Convention here.

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