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Candidates for 2012 Convention Offices

The November Diocesan Convention will elect members to serve on several boards and committees. Below are those candidates identified by the Nominations Committee. Download pdf files of the same information here (original list) here (nominees for Brookhaven and Rock Point School added after initial committee report) and here (additional nominations for Oversight and Audit and Vermont Ecumenical Council that will be made from the floor).

BROOKHAVEN TRUSTEES (3 members to serve to 2015)

Cynthia Allen is an accountant who has lived in Chelsea for a number of years. She says, “I have had the experience of enjoying many facets of Brookhaven. The challenges being met are wonderful. The opportunities for the families and children to heal is amazing. As an accountant my first instinct is to look at budgets and financial information. I would like to see more information presented than is currently.”
Howard D. Clarke
has served as a Brookhaven Trustee for seven years. He is a member of St. John‟s Church in Randolph and has served there as a member of the vestry.
Philip F. Mollitor
has been a member of the Randolph Child Protections team at Gifford Hospital (1980-2002); appointed by Governor Kunin in 1988 to the first Act 264 Advisory Board as an Advocate for children’s rights and served on the Board until 1993. He says, “I believe that the Brookhaven School is the best run program for abused children in the State of Vermont. This is due to the leadership of Anthony N. Iazzo the Executive Director. He does a great job.

TITLE IV DISCIPLINARY BOARD (2 clergy, 2 lay to serve through 2013)
The Rev. John Morris is Rector at St. Martin’s Church in Fairlee and a current member of the Title IV Disciplinary Board. He attended the General Conventions during which the new Title IV canons were developed and attended a provincial training session for Disciplinary Board members. He hopes “the new procedures will be fair to all those involved.”
The Rev. Carole Wageman currently serves on the Disciplinary Board. She says, “Part of my own spiritual journey has included coming back to God and “The Church” after years of estrangement due to clergy impropriety. I have experienced how difficult healing in the church can be, but I have also experienced God’s grace and redemption as a living encounter. I feel this has helped me understand the issues and concerns from the inside.”
Ann Cooper currently serves on the Disciplinary Board. She says, “I am a good and compassionate listener, something that stands me in good stead in my work as a Diocesan Companion and my work with agencies and non-profits in working for recovery from Tropical Storm Irene….I feel the presence of the Holy Spirit in my work and personal life and strive daily to keep my heart open to God’s will and Jesus’ example. I believe I will bring these skills and this experience to my work as a member of the Disciplinary Board.”
James Carter currently serves on the Disciplinary Board. He has been involved in diocesan and parochial matters in the United States and the United Kingdom for the past several years. He is a retired United States Naval Officer, with thirty-three years of commissioned service. He says, “I believe that people in all walks of life today are searching for both moral guidance and stability in their lives, and that it is the obligation of the Church to provide that guidance and stability. Equally important, however, it is essential for the Church to communicate the fact that it is ready, willing and able to do so.”

OVERSIGHT & AUDIT COMMITTEE (1 clergy, 1 lay to serve through 2015)
Channing Smith lives in Reading and is a member of St. James Church, Woodstock. She says, “I feel qualified to serve in this position because: I have served as Treasurer of parishes large and medium. I have performed audits in several dioceses including Vermont. I am deeply committed to helping parish Treasurers and audit committees effectively report and audit the financial position of their parish.”

The Rev. Mark Preece currently serves as Interim Priest at St. John’s, Randolph,  and previously served as Interim at Immanuel Church, Bellows Falls.

ROCK POINT BOARD (3 members to serve to 2015)
Mary M. Marshall is a member of Holy Trinity Church, Swanton. She is a former Rock Point Summer Conference member (as camper, counselor, volunteer staff, kitchen staff) and knows “the importance of Rock Point” through her camp associations and many years of Holy Trinity Church retreats and family retreats. She says, “The site and its community have helped to shape me into the person I am today. I hope by working on the board, I will be able to help and serve those in this community. …My experience and ability to connect with youth will help me involve youth and young adults with rock Point, so they might grow to love and cherish the sacred space as much as I do. It is very important to me to see the property be well maintained and cared for.”
Jean Richardson is a member of Trinity Church, Shelburne and a UVM Professor Emerita of Environmental Studies who is presently doing consulting work as an inspector of organic farms and organic processing facilities and a maple syrup producer. She says, “I have been familiar with Rock Point for several decades, and have a strong commitment to sustainable land use and environmental protection within the context of building partnerships in communities. I am originally from Northumberland on the Scottish/English border, and my Anglican upbringing provided a fairly simple understanding of the relationship between land and spirit which continues to influence my perspective on the world around us.”
Kyle Sowles is a member of St. Andrew’s, Colchester and currently serves on the Rock Point Board as its Treasurer.

ROCK POINT SCHOOL TRUSTEES (4 members to serve to 2015)
Albert C. Cicchetti is a member of the Cathedral Church of St. Paul, Burlington and a Trustee of the Diocese. He has served the diocese as Treasurer, a member of the Standing Committee, and as Co-Chair of the Bishop Search Committee, 2001-2002 and the Cathedral Church of St. Paul as a member of the Vestry, Treasurer, Senior Warden, and Chair of the Cathedral Trustees.
The Rev. Margaret Mathauer is a Deacon, serving at All Saints Church, South Burlington, and a current Rock Point School Trustee. She is a parent of two daughters who attended Rock Point School and a professional educator. She says, “My position as Chair of the Program and Personnel Committee gives me an opportunity to use my skills as an educator and as “champion advocate” for students and staff. I also bring the ‘sacred’ to Board meetings as a clergy member.”
David M. McKay is a member of the Cathedral Church of St. Paul, Burlington and has previously served as a Rock Point School Trustee including President of the Board. He says, “Aside from my service and support of the school over the last 20 years, I have served in education for more than three decades. I bring a clear understanding of administration, development and board responsibility. As the head of the BPL Foundation I continue to work in the area of advancement of learning. Education is an opportunity for students to learn about the country, world and times they live in. All this happens when they are in an environment that is best suited to their learning style. Rock Point School provides that opportunity and the environment for its students. Our job as trustees is to support the mission of the school and insure that the work that is carried out daily is in line with that mission.”
Barton Merle-Smith lives in North Ferrisburg and a current Rock Point School Trustee. He says, “I am currently serving my first term and have been able to bring my professional and personal work experience to bear in a positive manner and benefit to the school. I look forward to doing more of the same in the coming term. I was also lucky enough to have my daughter attend the school and graduate. Having a school like RPS right in our back yard helped our family get through some of the tough times we face together without having to be that far apart. We are grateful to the school and this is a way for us to give something back. I believe each child is an individual with their own views and interests. We shouldn’t tell them what to do but instead help them make the right choices for themselves. While I realize this is not always the case, I feel it is possible to foster a personal awareness within each child that allows them to see their own potential and worth and provide a firm foundation from which to grow.”
Tracy Rubamn of Burlington is a certified regular and special education teacher who has experience with education funding specifically related to specialized students and schools. She says, “I believe in the mission of Rock Point School and have a successful personal experience with many adults connected to Rock Point School. I believe in individualize programming for students to promote lifelong learners, that communities need support many educational options for students, and in the importance of creating involved citizens.”

STANDING COMMITTEE (1 clergy, 1 lay to serve through 2016)
The Rev. Lisette Baxter is Rector of St. Andrew’s, Colchester and involved with the Rock Point Summer Program. She has served as a Rock Point School Trustee, a member of the Commission on Ministry, and on the Spiritual Life Committee. She says, “I feel qualified to serve in this position because of my experience and dedicated ministry as an Episcopal clergy for 35 years (Diaconate and Priesthood). My main concern is our responsibility to instruct, share and pass along the treasurers of our Christian Faith in a welcoming way: “Come and See” Andrew said to Peter…”
Elizabeth Van Dyke is a member of Zion Church, Manchester and a current member of the Standing Committee, serving as its Secretary. She is a member of the vestry at Zion and serves on its Audit Committee.

TRUSTEE OF THE DIOCESE (1 member to serve to 2019)
Franklin D. Sanders is a member of St. James Church, Woodstock and a current Trustee of the Diocese, completing his first term. He serves as Chair of the Trustees’ Investment Committee, Chair of the Trustees’ Insurance Committee, a member of the Endowment Review Task Force and the Denominational Health Plan Task Force. He says, “The Trustees of the Diocese of Vermont are responsible for the real estate and investments of the Diocese of Vermont, including real estate and investments held for the benefit of most congregations. My 26-year career as an investment banker serving gas and electric company clients, and the subsequent 11 years of service as President and Treasurer of the managing general agent for an industry-mutual insurance company with a substantial investment portfolio provided me with useful investment management and insurance risk- management experience.”

The Rev. Linda Maloney currently serves on the diocesan Resolutions and Dispatch of Business Committees. She served as Priest-in-Partnership at St. Matthew’s, Enosburg Fall, 2005-2009 and as Interim Pastor at Calvary, Underhill, 2009-12. She says, “I have been actively engaged in ecumenical ministry for the past eight years on the local level. My current volunteer involvement with the FARM (Franklin Area Rural Ministries) program has engaged me especially with issues related to immigrant justice, which is a current focus also of the Vermont Ecumenical Council and Bible Society.”

Mission District #1 (1 lay member to serve to 2015)
Susan Ainsworth-Daniels is a member of St. Andrews Church, Colchester and a current member of Council.

Mission District #2 (1 lay or clergy member to serve to 2013)
Thom Rock is a member of St. Mark’s Church, Newport and a current member of Council. He is nominated for the term ending 2013. He serves as a member of the Budget and Finance Committee. He says, “After participating in the life of Council for the past year, I feel I better understand and appreciate both the role it plays in our common life together as the Episcopal Church in Vermont as well as the issues and challenges ahead of us.

Council Nominations Pending:
Mission District #2 (1 lay member to serve to 2015)
Mission District #3 (1 lay or clergy member to serve to 2015)
Mission District #4 (1 lay member to serve to 2015)
Mission District #5 (1 clergy member to serve to 2015; 1 lay or clergy member to
serve to 2013)

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