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House – February 17, 2013

“Christ (however) was faithful over God’s house, as a son, and we are his house if we hold firm the confidence and pride that belong to hope.” Hebrews 3:6

I love my house.  It is tiny, it is old, a little shabby, very cozy. I’ve lived in it for over 30 years.  There are so many possibilities of ways to improve it!  And periodically we do, in fits & starts.

Houses make good metaphors for our lives, for what we may aspire to (the many mansions of heaven?), or, where we are right now (the places that need fixing up?).

Now think of being the house of Christ.  What does that look like?  What does that feel like?  All of us—followers of Jesus Christ—we are his house. IF, that is. . . .  Paul says to the Hebrews we are, if we “hold firm the confidence and pride that belong to hope.”

Firmness, confidence, and pride are words for strength.  This is not a tent that can blow down in a wind.  This house we are is post & beam.  It has a fieldstone foundation.  It is to last forever and ever.

Maybe we are the house of Christ when we gather for worship on Sunday, to strengthen our faith.  We may be the house of Christ when we bring food for the food shelf or a check for Haiti.

We are surely the house of Christ when we pray for each other, and when we confess our shortcomings together before Communion.

We are Christ’s house as he is ours, as John says in his gospel we have also read today.  And we are in the “good land” where God has led us, under the care of his servant Moses, no matter how stubborn and willful we are.

Lord, gather us, the stubborn and the willful, the strong and the frail, and make us one house, where we might share our gifts.  And in joining us together, strengthen the kingdom of heaven on earth.  Amen.

Marty French,
Saint Andrews Colchester

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