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Donald blue shirtWhen the Spirit is moving, everyone wants to be present! That is the hope of the conveners of the Fourth Ministry Expo sponsored by the Ministry Support Team of the Episcopal Church in Vermont and hosted by St. John’s Randolph. A new improved format featuring a keynote speaker, the Rev. Tom Brackett was introduced last year to rave reviews. The April 20, 2013 gathering in Randolph VT promises to be equally inspiring with our speaker The  Rev. Donald Schell, President of All Saints Company. Known for drawing on the entire breadth of Christian tradition, Schell and others have been pioneers in experimenting with liturgy as the “public work of the people”. Schell will share his excitement, experience, and insights during two plenary sessions, one to open the day beginning with worship at 9:15 and one immediately after lunch at 12:15. Both presentations will be followed by workshops co-lead by Schell and The Rt. Rev. Tom Ely. The morning workshop will be oriented to clergy leaders and the afternoon workshop oriented to lay leadership. Come preparedfor some moving and innovating liturgy to get us oriented.  Read more about All Saints Company here.  

But the plenary workshops and worship are only the tip of the iceberg! As the Stirrings of the Spirit initiative gains momentum, more and more stories emerge that need to be told about the creative energy at work around Vermont These stories of transformative experiences will be highlighted in two sets of workshops, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. During the 10:30-11:45 workshops participants can gain experience and skills in leading paperless music, teaching and practicing creation stewardship thru use of the “Turn off the Lights” curriculum, learn what’s new and cooking for Treasurers as stewards of the offerings of the people, and share and learn from one another about what is stirring spiritually in congregations around the State of Vermont transforming lives both within the church and out in the world.

The afternoon workshops will offer opportunities to sharpen our ability to talk about the work of the Spirit using electronic media; hear news from new developments in formation ministries; and again hear and learn from one another about what is stirring spiritually in congregations around the State of Vermont and transforming lives both within the church and out in the world.

Last year’s attendance exceeded one hundred people and more are expected this year. Our efforts in this regard have attracted the attention of the leadership of the UCC in Vermont some of whom will attend as our guests to learn from our creative efforts in a rural setting.

Please register in advance using the registration form here.   Teams of six people can attend for the price of $40 and each additional team member can attend for $5. Individuals not a part of a team may register for $10. As always, the event will honor the earth by activity seeking to recycle or reuse everything that is part of the “bring your own lunch/pack it in and pack it out”.  More details about the Expo including the registration form can be found here.

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