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Is your congregation still doing the same old stewardship campaign and asking the same old question?  Or are you ready to unleash the power of the Holy Spirit?

This year, let the Holy Spirit unloose your creative energies.  Print out the six stewardship reflections “FLOURISH IN FAITH” and all the supporting materials at then click on and then click  on member resources.  (Email for user name and password)fif.logo


Here are the advantages to using the series:

  1. You have a theme “FLOURISH IN FAITH”around which you can organize your work.

  2. The narrative series runs from October 6 (Proper 22) thru November 10 (Proper 27 thus giving you a calendar.

  3. The materials also include sample letters from the Rector, Wardens, and others along with proposed time line for mailings.

  4. Special Prayers of the People and a prayer over the pledge cards are also included to help shape your liturgical celebration and In-gathering.

  5. There is a ready to use pledge card.

  6. There is a downloadable logo that you can use on any materials you wish such as banners, posters, buttons, stationery etc.

  7. Both the theme and the written materials, especially the reflections and questions, all of which are on the Gospel lesson of the day, can help both lay and clergy leaders shape their sermons for the day so that stewardship season really becomes a process during which we explore our relationship to  God and our material possession.

With these materials in hand you can be creative about a kick off event that focuses on the spiritual gift of generosity and the joy that comes from giving and sharing.  Funny, touching, deeply poignant stories abound. Share them!  And then turn your attention to a well planned special liturgical  event that allows everyone of every age to celebrate and participate in thanking God for every gi

Use the logo to make banners, T shirts, buttons, place mats, hats, whistles, pencils, noise makers, anything you can think up to remind people that generosity helps us flourish in faith.

The Diocese of Vermont is a member of TENS which allows every congregation free acess to all of these materials.  For the user name and password for member resources please email Angela Emerson at

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