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Resolutions to be Voted on at 2013 Convention

Report of the resolutions Committee: Resolutions to be Voted on at Convention

There are four (4) resolutions to be voted on during Convention.

  1. A SUBSTITUTE resolution pertaining to N. Korean Prison Labor Camps (The original resolution has been withdrawn by the proposers.)
  2. A resolution pertaining to Economic Justice and Income Inequality
  3. A resolution to promote water quality
  4. A resolution pertaining to 2014 Clergy Compensation


Pre-Convention Event Information

We are holding our pre-Convention information sessions in a different format from previous years.  Since there will be no hearings on the budget or resolutions on the Days of Convention it is important for you to participate in the Pre-Convention event scheduled for October 20th and the call-in opportunities on October 29th and 30th.  Please read the Pre-Convention Event Information carefully.

REMINDERS:  The deadline for Convention Registration was October 4th so if you haven’t registered you’d better hurry up!  You can register on line at

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