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Committee/Board Members to be Elected at 2013 Convention

Click on the Nominee’s name to view their Nomination Form


Two Members to be elected for 3-year terms and One Member to be elected for a One-year term

The Board has full jurisdiction and authority over the management and operation of the Brookhaven Home and School, including the program, discipline and regulation, and the engagement or dismissal of faculty and staff.

Meetings: Third Tuesday of the month – 3:30pm

Contact Person: The Rev. Diana Collins, e-mail:


Shellie Richardson – Christ Church, Bethel

Walter Rockwood – Christ Church, Bethel

Wm Lee Sease – St. John’s, Randolph



One Mission District Member to be elected at each Convention for a three-year term (plus any unexpired vacancy terms) as provided for in the Diocesan Canons #6 and #6a.

Representatives for each Mission District have been named by the Diocesan Council to assist with the nomination of persons for Diocesan Council. The Bishop and the Council exercise the executive power of the Diocese between conventions and are responsible for the promotion of the mission of the church. The Council, in consultation with the Treasurer of the Diocese, prepares a comprehensive budget each year for submission to the annual Convention. Three members are elected by each Mission District and there must be at least one lay and one clergy member from each Mission District serving on Diocesan Council. All fifteen members are elected at Diocesan Convention by Mission District Caucus.

Diocesan Council members of the Nominating Committee from each Mission District:

Susan Ainsworth-Daniels: Mission District #1


The Rev. David Veale – St. Luke’s, St. Albans

Rick Swanson: Mission District #2


Bob Meyers – Christ Church, Montpelier

Marjorie Strong – Church of the Good Shepherd, Barre

M.P. Schneider: Mission District #3


The Rev. Susan B Taylor – St. John’s, Randolph

Margo Fletcher: Mission District #4


Richard Jones – Trinity, Rutland

The Rev. Margo Fletcher – St. Thomas & Grace, Brandon/Forest Dale

John Mitchell: Mission District #5


Kathryn Wright – St. Luke’s, Chester

The Rev. Justin Lanier – St. Peter’s, Bennington


Meetings: Six to Seven Saturdays per year at various locations from 10am-3pm

Contact person: Lynn Bates, Canon to the Ordinary 863-3431 or 800-286-3437 or email:



Two Clergy and Two lay members to be elected for terms of one-year.

The Diocese of Vermont shares an 11-member Title IV Disciplinary Board with the Dioceses of Maine and New Hampshire. This year, the Diocese of Vermont must elect two clergy and two lay members to the Board, for terms of one year. The Clergy members of the Board must be canonically and geographically resident within the Diocese. The Lay members of the Board must be Adult Communicants in Good Standing, and registered in a congregation in the Diocese. In the event of a charge of clergy misconduct, members of Disciplinary Board convene to review the matter in accordance with the Multi-Diocese Agreement we share with Maine and New Hampshire. If the Disciplinary Board is called upon to consider a disciplinary matter, extended meetings are a possibility.  


Clergy – The Rev. Carole Wageman – St. Luke’s, Chester

Lay – Ann Cooper – St. Stephen’s, Middlebury



Elect eight deputies in 2013 (4 Clergy & 4 Lay)

The 2015 General Convention is scheduled for June 25 to July 3, 2015 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Deputies are chosen at the Diocesan Convention not later than 12 months preceding the opening date of the General Convention, and they serve until their successors are elected. Clerical Deputies must be priests or deacons canonically resident in the Diocese of Vermont. Lay Deputies must be communicants in good standing of a congregation in the Diocese. Alternate Deputies will be elected at the 2014 Diocesan Convention. In addition to the written nomination form, a brief video interview is available for each nominee.



The Rev. Cannon Lee Crawford – Church of our Savior, Killington 

The Rev. Rick Swanson – St. John’s in the Mountains 

The Rev. Stannard Baker – Cathedral of St. Paul, Burlington 

The Rev. Scott Neal – St. James, Arlington 


Thomas Little – Trinity, Shelburne 

Anne Brown – Church of our Savior, Killington 

Jennifer Ogelby – St. James, Essex Jct. 

Nanci Gordon – Trinity, Rutland 



Two members (1 Clergy and 1 Lay) to be elected to 3-year terms

The committee of three clergy and three lay persons is responsible for implementing and enforcing the audit, financial reporting, funds management and other requirements of diocesan and national canons relating to diocesan and parish financial management. They provide resources and consulting to parishes and diocesan organizations and are responsible for an annual audit of accounts of the Diocese and Trustees.

Meetings: Meets several times a year.

Contact: Julie Giguere:



The Rev. Deacon David Ganter – St. James, Essex Jct.


Suzanne Bacon – St. James, Essex Jct.



Two deputies (1 Clergy and 1 Lay) and Two alternates (1 Clergy and 1 Lay) to be elected to three-year terms

Provincial Synod is the oversight group for programs sponsored by the New England dioceses and also serves as a link between the Province and Executive Council and other wider-church groups and activities. Synod consists of the Bishops of the Province plus one clergy and one lay person from each diocese. It generally meets once a year except in the year of General Convention, when a second meeting is held prior to the Provincial Pre-General-Convention gathering).



Clergy – The Rev. Canon Lee Crawford – Church of our Savior, Killington

Lay –


Clergy – The Rev. Joel Hill – St. Michael’s, Brattleboro

Lay –



Three members to be elected to 3-year terms (note that the Bishop also has three – 3 year appointments)

The Board is responsible for administration and maintenance of the buildings and grounds of Rock Point. The duties include planning for the use, maintenance, management and security of the property and purchasing and contracting for all goods and services.

Meetings: The Board normally meets six to eight times per year in Burlington.

Contact: Laurel Broughton, Vice President


Cameron Keitel – Christ Church, Montpelier



Four members to be elected to 3-year terms

The Board of Trustees has full jurisdiction and authority over the management and operations of Rock Point School, including the curriculum, discipline, regulation and the engagement or dismissal of the faculty and staff.

Meetings: The Board meets quarterly (August, November, February and May), in Burlington. Contact: C. J. Spirito


Chuck Bongiorno – Calvary, Underhill

Marilyn May – St. John the Baptist, Hardwick



Two members to be elected (1 Clergy and 1 Lay) to 4-year terms

The Standing Committee – four clergy and four lay persons – is an advisory committee to the Bishop and acts in the absence of the Bishop as the ecclesiastical authority of the Diocese. The committee must consent to ordinations and to Episcopal elections in other dioceses. The committee, in conjunction with the Trustees and Diocesan Council (when appropriate), also consents to property matters (sale and purchase of land/buildings).

Meetings:  Monthly, usually by conference call, except when face-to-face meetings are required for interviews

Contact:    The Reverend Lee Alison Crawford, President,


Clergy: The Rev. Mary Lindquist – St. Michael’s, Brattleboro

Lay: Harry Kendrick – St. Paul’s White River Jct.



One member to be elected to a 7-year term

The Board of Trustees is responsible for receiving, holding and properly disposing of all assets, real and personal, of the Diocese. In other words, the Board is owner of all diocesan property and is responsible for management of diocesan investments. The Board also manages invested funds entrusted to it by congregations and schools of the Diocese.

Meetings: The Board meets quarterly (January, April, July, October), and as needed, in Burlington.

Contact: Franklin Sanders, President


Clark Anderson – St. Michael’s, Brattleboro


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