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2013 Final details

As Convention is just days away, there are a number of things we wanted to focus your attention on.  Please review this information carefully.  If you are a veteran delegate please pay close attention as some things are different this year that they may have been in the past.

Dinner reminder:  There’s still time to register for Friday night’s dinner.  Don’t miss this wonderful event.

Parking:  There is limited parking at the Cathedral so if you are able bodied, please park in the public parking facilities across the street from the Cathedral.

Convention Seating:  This year there will be open seating of delegates on the floor of Convention.  This means there will be no assigned seats so therefore no reserved seats.  Seating will be on a first-come-first-served basis. This is a BIG change from prior years where seating was assigned by delegation. 


The Offering: This year the Offering will be donated to the Vermont Food Bank so please give generously!!

Announcements:  A list of Announcements is available for download which provide basic information you, as a Delegate, must be aware of.  In the past, these Announcements were orally made at the start of the business session of Convention.  To make this year’s Convention flow smoothly we have decided to distribute them in advance of Convention.  Please be sure to read them!

Proposed Order of Business:  The Proposed order of Business is also available for download.  This simple document illustrates the order in which Convention business will be undertaken.

Nominations from the Floor of Convention:  There are many opportunities for you and others to become active in the many Diocesan offices and organizations.  There are many vacancies to be filled and we encourage you to consider placing you name or that of another willing individual in nomination for the following offices:

  • One Lay and one Clergy to serve on the Title IV Disciplinary Board
  • Opening for a 3 year term on the Diocesan Council from Mission District #2-Lay or Clergy
  • One Clergy to serve on the Oversight and Audit Committee
  • Two openings on the Rock Point Board-Lay or Clergy
  • One Lay person to serve as Deputy to the Provencial Synod and one lay person to serve as an Alternate Deputy to the Provencial Synod


This is a partial list of offices where we have openings but no candidates. Please review the entire list of elections to determine if you would like to make a nomination from the floor for any of the offices being elected.

Additional nominations for Diocesan Offices may be made from the Convention floor.  To make a nomination from the floor, the Nominator must first have the permission of the prospective candidate to place his or her name in nomination.  The Nominator must present the name of the candidate, the office for which the Nominee is running for election, and biographical information (preferably in electronic format but hard copy will be accepted) regarding the candidate to the Head Teller.  Notice of the additional nominee(s) must be given to Barbara Hoar (, Chair of the Nominations Committee, and Neal Robinson (, Secretary of Convention.

Additional Resolutions:  While the deadline for submission of resolutions has passed, the Rules of Order do allow for the opportunity to submit a resolution for consideration at Convention. The Rules of Order state that “Any resolution submitted after the deadline published by the Committee on the Dispatch of Business shall require a two-thirds vote of Convention in order to be added to the agenda.  The proposer(s) of such a resolution shall furnish all delegates with a copy of the full text of the resolution, and will be allowed to address the Convention for not more than two minutes to make the case for inclusion of the resolution on the agenda.  There shall be no debate as to the merit of the resolution unless and until the Convention votes to add the resolution to the agenda by a two-thirds vote to suspend the Rules of Order.”

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