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The Vine That Binds…for Your Congregation

The Vine That Binds…for Your Congregation

At the March 1 gathering “The Vine That Binds,” members of the Episcopal Church in Vermont had opportunity to contemplate the meanings of a vine that ties or restricts and one that nourishes. Held at the McGarry Family Farm in Pittsford, the casual afternoon gathering offered participants chances to reflect on Scripture and explore the questions of what is girdling or restricting spiritual growth: what vines need to be cut to allow growth in Christ? A focal point for the conversation and prayers was a sculpture created by Susan Taylor, St. John’s in Randolph, representing vines and bundles of sticks that participants were first invited to prune and later to add elements that were life-giving.  Jimmie Sue Deppe, Cathedral Church of St. Paul and seminarian at Episcopal Divinity School, and Susan Taylor facilitated the conversations. Both are members of the Stirrings of the Spirit leadership team which sponsored the gathering.  Jimmie Sue and Susan now make the outline, leader’s guide, and other materials available for you to replicate this gathering for your congregation.


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