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liturgy+labs, “Public Work of the People”

Candle Lighting

Two liturgy+labs, held October 5 and 12, brought nearly 100 people together from throughout the Episcopal Church in Vermont, and a few neighbors,  to “try on” some new ways of creating Eucharistic liturgy.

 “Exciting,” “risky,” “really very amazing,” and “emotional” were responses by some participants to how they experienced liturgy+lab.  Although the event was held at Christ Church, Montpelier and St. Michael’s, Brattleboro, who was present determined what was created.

Euch circle Arms up 

 Participants told stories one-on-one of being connected to God in worship and of being uncomfortable in worship then watched Episcopal Church videos of innovative liturgies. The assembly then broke into four labs –Word, Remembrance of Baptism, Table, and Healing & Blessing—to create “on the spot” those portions of the worship service.  Curators of the labs offered resources, sparks of creativity, and a framework only, and participants did all the rest in less than one hour.  The four segments came together when they were used by the whole assembly to offer a complete Eucharist service. 

 Sponsored by Stirrings of the Spirit leadership team and the Convention program planning team, the liturgy+labs offered instructional and experiential opportunities to create a “public work of the people” for worship, the meaning of the word liturgia. Here is a link to a video from the Liturgy+Labs.

Learn more about Stirrings of the Spirit and innovative liturgies here.

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