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Rock Point Intentional Community Update


tumblr n8xopshS1z1rrdiyeo6 1280During Convention and right after, we grew our database. We now have 54 people, including folks as far from our Rock Point home base as Brattleboro,  Bennington, Enosberg Falls and Wolcott (not to mention Middletown Springs, Arlington, Middlebury, Montpelier, Randolph…)  And we have brochures!!

At our October 18th meeting we officially named ourselves Rock Point Intentional Community. (And we might as well get this part over with right at the beginning. We have already become RPIC.) Not officially, of course – it has just come into being, and as we all know, these things – intended or not – have a way of becoming instantly real. (Acronyms do have one distinct advantage – much easier to type!)

Also at this meeting we agreed to meet every two months for the foreseeable future. Because the Advent and Lenten Retreats fell at those same two month intervals, we decided to combine things, and save those of our Community attending the retreats from having to make a second trip. So our next meeting will follow the Advent Retreat, Sunday, December 7th, from 1:45 – 4 pm at the Bishop Booth Conference Center.  That’s a much shorter meeting time than we’ve had so far, so the agenda will be correspondingly tighter.  Checking/reporting in since our October meeting will be first on the agenda. And we will be determining the next two steps in our development – our categories of membership, and what responsibilities/commitments/benefits will go with each.

As always, anyone is welcome. Come earlier (11:30 am) for the Advent Retreat Eucharist..come just for the meeting…if you haven’t been before and want to touch base ahead of time, contact Craig Smith at 802-863-3431,  or Jackie Arbuckle at 802-482-5367,

Click here to download a Schedule of Monthly Eucharist at St. Michael’s and All Angels’ Chapel, Bishop Booth Conference Center

The Rev. Jackie Arbuckle

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