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Support Foundation Cristosal

Support Foundation Cristosal

Dear Friends,

Foundation Cristosal began in Vermont 15 years ago as a project between two friends: the Bishop of El Salvador Martín Barahona and the Very Reverend Richard Bower. I became a member of the Cristosal Board in 2001 and began making annual pilgrimages in 2002 to see Cristosal’s work first hand. As part of my sabbatical in 2007, Ann and I spent a month living in El Salvador.

Cristosal was my first exposure as Bishop to how truly interconnected we are in this globalized world. Experiencing the plight of Latin Americans through the eyes of El Salvador awakened me to the complexities and struggles of combatting structural poverty.

It is not enough to say things must change. We have to support the organizations and individuals working to create that change and protect the voice of the voiceless. That is why Ann and I support Cristosal.

Cristosal’s work in El Salvador is critical and significant. It is through this ministry that I more fully understand and participate in Christ’s call to do justice and respect the dignity of every human being.

This holiday season, I invite you to join me in creating a more just and dignified world, and to support the work of Foundation Cristosal.



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