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Year 3/Vision and Values

In 2013 the Episcopal Church in Vermont initiated Stirrings of the Spirit, a strategy to discern where the Spirit is calling us by exploring new understandings and expressions of what it means to follow Jesus in a rapidly changing world. In this third year of Stirrings of the Spirit, our vision—why we do this–is of

An active and divine Spirit, moving through the whole of creation,

to disturb and to motivate us toward life-giving transformation.

How we do this is by

               Listening deeply to how the Spirit is active and moving;

               Encouraging risk-taking and being open to failure and change;

               Seeking justice and healing in relationship with the whole of creation.

The why and how of Stirrings were created at the Stakeholders Gathering, a group from throughout the Episcopal Church in Vermont who have shaped and been shaped by Stirrings over the past two years.

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