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Alleluiafund 2015 Donors

In gratitude to 2015 Alleluiafund donors

Alburgh- St Lukes Episcopal Church
     The Rev. Thora Chadwick

     Dorothy Wootton
Arlington- St James Episcopal Church
     Roger Cooper
     Vivian Lacey
     Kathleen Moore

     Steve Smith and Edward Weissman

Barre- Church of the Good Shepherd
     Lucinda and Peter Cobb
     Rebecca Eschelbach
     Michael Gore
     Susan and Clarence Lyons
     Phyllis Miller
     Alban and Margaret Richey
     Therese Taylor
Bellows Falls- Immanuel Church
     The Rev Charles and Gloria Mansfield
Bennington- St Peters Episcopal Church
     Dick and Nancy Bower
     The Rev. Penelope and Richard Farrara
     Cora May and Robert Howe
Brandon/Forestdale- St. Thomas and Grace Episcopal Church
     Elsie Bailey
     Francis Farnsworth

Bob Wertz

Brattleboro- St Michaels Episcopal Church
     William and Nancy Ames
Sarah Benton

Wayne Cook
     The Rev. Alfred and Janet Cramerr
     Madelyn Howard
     The Rev. Mary Lindquist
The Rev. Jean and Peter Smith
     Doug Switzer
Bristol- The Jerusalem Gathering
     Susan Klaiber
     The Rev. Catherine Nichols and The Rev. Robert Borden
Burlington- Cathedral Church of St Paul
     Dinny Adamson
Barbara Beaman
Chuck and Laurel Bongiorno

     Bert and Margaret Cicchetti

Anne Clark and Kevin Trainor

     The Ven. Catherine H. Cooke in Memory of Charles Templin
     Christopher Davis

     Karin and Gerald Davis

The Rev. Jimmie Sue and Amy Deppe

     Tom Eshelman and The Very Rev. Jeanne Finan
     Peter and Debby Galbraith
     Frank Guillot

Phil Hoff

Mark and Sarah Howe

     Christopher and Jennifer Leopold
     The Rev. Sherry E. Osborn
     The Rev. Congreve and Constance Quinby
     Tom and Maureen Rees
     Richard Robinson
     John and Alice Rouleau

     Merryn Rutledge and Martin Poppe
The Rev. Robert Stuhlmann

     Eadie and Charles Templin
     Alice Winn
Canaan- St. Pauls Episcopal Church
     The Rev. Robert Lee
Chester- St Lukes Episcopal Church
     The Rev. Thaddeus A. Bennett
Marcia Clinton

     Patricia Fromberger
     Eileen and Tom Widger
Colchester- St Andrews Episcopal Church
     Mary Lou Ashton
     The Rev. Lisette and Larry Baxter
Enosburg Falls- St Matthews Episcopal Church
     Edith Hawksworth
     The Revs. Titus and Jane Presler

Essex Junction- St James Episcopal Church
     Margaret Bonesteel
Mary Carlson

     Marlene and Charles Emerson
     The Rev. David Ganter
     Jim and Polly Larkin

Paula and Bruce Morgan

Jennifer S. Ogelby
Fair Haven- St. Luke’s Episcopal Mission
     The Rev. John and Adele Miller
Fairlee- St. Martin’s Episcopal Church
     Pat Ballou
     The Rev. Preston and Virginia Kelsey
     The Rev. Raymond and Vera Mallary

     Bill and Linda Secord

Island Pond- Christ Episcopal Church
     Muriel O’Gorman
Hardwick- St John the Baptist Episcopal Church
     The Rev. Benjamin and Alberta Chase
     Mary Jane Dexter
     Janice Roy and Steven Young
     Renee Wahler
Killington- Church of our Savior Episcopal Church
     Anne Brown
Maxine and Leo Ladouceur

Lyndonville- St Peters Episcopal Church
     The Rev. John and Susan Morris
     Richard and Elise Roessler

Manchester Center- Zion Episcopal Church
     The Rev. John Mitchell
William and Carol Munson

     C. Elizabeth Van Dyk In Memory of In Memory of Garritt C. Van Dyk
Middlebury- St Stephens Episcopal Church
     Benjamin and Susan Anderson-Ray
     Laura Chase

Irving Cummings

     Ann Cooper

Eric Davis

The Rev. Jane N. Garrett

     Amy Hastings and The Rev. Larry Yarbrough
     Paul and Linda Horn
     John McWilliams
     The Rev. Lucy C. Pellegrini
     Robert Ruggiero
     Elizabeth Stabler
     Alice and Harry Van Tuyl
     Barbara Von Kieran
Montpelier- Christ Episcopal Church
     Shawn Bryan
John H. Fitzhugh
     Ernest and Charlotte Gibson
     The Rev. Paul M. Habersang
     The Rev. Jean S. Jersey

     The Rev. Beth Ann Maier and Robert Finucane

he Rev. Mary Mansfield

     Stephen Reynesy
Joan C. Sabens

     Bruce and Connie Story
     Margaret Thompson
Newport- St Mark’s Episcopal Church
     Nancy Castle
     Christine Moseley

     Elizabeth Obermann

The Rev. Rollin and Margo Norris

     Diane K. Rothe-Green
Penny Thomas

Northfield- St. Mary’s Episcopal Church
     Brett and Carol Murphy
The Rev. M.P. Schneider

     Fred and Patsy White
Norwich- St Barnabas Episcopal Church
     Josephine Bruce
     Blanche and Burton Cooper

     The Rev. Elizabeth Hilgartner
     The Rev. Jack and Jane Hooper

     The Rev. Gunnar Urang and The Rev. Sarah Horton
Randolph- St Johns Episcopal Church
     Linda Nagy
     The Rev. Susan and Jim Taylor
Rutland- Trinity Episcopal Church
     The Rev. Jere S. Berger
     Wendy Grace
Shelburne- Trinity Episcopal Church
     Thomas and Susan Little
Susan Rivers

     Pamela and Graydon Topping

     Veronika Travis
     The Rev. Warner C. White
Sheldon- Grace Episcopal Church
     The Rev. Janet K. Brown
     Lori Derry
South Burlington- All Saints Episcopal Church
     Joshua Cheney
     Robert Halverson
     The Rev. David and Jane Hamilton
     The Rev. Stewart Pierson
     Beverly Post
     Susan Rivers

Springfield- St Marks Episcopal Church
     Mary Dalton
     Boris and Pearl Von York
St Albans- St Lukes Episcopal Church
     The Rev. David S. Veale
St Johnsbury- St Andrews Episcopal Church
     Jocelyn Burrell In Memory of In Honor of Donna Nesbitt (cousin)
     The Rev. Jean MacDonald
     Nicole Stevens
Stowe- St Johns in the Mountains
     The Rev. Elise Braun
     Clifford Johnson
     Hank and Bev Kessler

     Maxine Neal
     Joan O’Keefe

     The Rev. Richard R. Swanson
Swanton- Holy Trinity Episcopal Church
     Laura and Eric Buel
     Wallace and Natalie Good Jr

     Paul Leduc

     Linda Wirts
Underhill- Calvary Episcopal Church
     Frances R. Ganter
     John and Barbie Koier
     Margie Schacht

Vergennes- St Pauls Episcopal Church
     Sue Berkenbush
     The Rev. Alan L. Kittelson

     Robert and Cricket Laidman

     Bolton Price

Waitsfield- St Dunstans Episcopal Church
     Eunice Fossum
     Sister Laurian Seeber

Wells- St Pauls Episcopal Church
     Christine Sears
White River Junction- St Pauls Episcopal Church
     The Rev. Diana Collins
Harry and Jean Kendrick

     Richard and Jane Kremer

     The Rev. Louise P. Pietsch
     The Rt. Rev. Stewart and Kristin Wood Jr
Wilmington- St Marys in the Mountains Episcopal Church
     Helen F Eddy
     Cornelia Rea

Richard G. Ward and Kathleen Loomis-Ward

Windsor- St Pauls Episcopal Church
     The Rev. Donna J. Reidt In Memory of In Honor of The Sisters of St. Anne
Woodstock- St James Episcopal Church
     James Bulmer
     Elizabeth Caldwee ‘In Memory of my Dad’
     Louise Fowler
     Joan Lang

The Rev. Norman and Elizabeth MacLeod

     Karen and Imants Vitols

     Brandon St. Thomas and Grace Church
     Bristol Jerusalem Gathering
     Burlington Cathedral Church of St. Paul
     Hardwick St. John the Baptist Church
     Rutland Trinity Church
     Saranac Lake St. Luke The Beloved Physician
     White River Jct. St. Paul’s Church
     Wilmington St. Mary’s in the Mountains
     The Angel Fund of Rock Point School
     The Rev. Dr. Gordon A. Bardos
     Church Pension Group from a Eucharist at Manchester, Zion at Board of Trustees Meeting
     The Very Rev. Christopher David
The Rev. Paul F. Evans

     The Rev. Paul and Susan Gratz
     Michael L Huffman and Margaret Singer
     John F. Jones
     Phillips and Priscilla Kerr

     The Rev. David and Sandra Larcombe

     David and Ann Marie McKay
     Steven and Karen Meyer
     The Rev. Diane E. Root
     The Revs. Remington and Ramona Rose-Crossley
     The Rev. Craig and Candace Smith
     The Rev. Carole and Ed Wageman
Ministry Support Team
     Lynn Bates
Donna Crabtree

     The Rt. Rev. Thomas and Ann Ely
     The Rev. Canon Angela Emerson
     Julie Giguere



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