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“Do you love me?” “Feed my lambs” – Feeding Ministries of the Episcopal Church in Vermont


EssexEatsOut April 2014The following is a report  from the Rev. Beth Ann Maier:

The Episcopal Church in Vermont has been doing something uncharacteristic for Episcopalians – interpreting scripture very literally and acting on it. In this post-resurrection dialogue with Peter at the end of John’s gospel, Jesus couldn’t be more explicit and emphatic, asking three times: “Simon son of John, do you love me?” “Feed my lambs,” “Tend my sheep,” “Feed my sheep.”

In 2014, the outreach arm of the Alleluia Fund decided to recognize the work that so many of our congregations are doing to deepen relationships in their communities by offering food, fellowship, and care. Congregations were asked through the e-News and at Convention to share information about their feeding ministries. Congregations with the largest feeding programs were encouraged to apply for McClure IV outreach grants. The out-of-pocket money that individuals had spent during the prior year to support the program was accepted as the matching funds that are required in the McClure grant application. Alleluia Fund grants were made without application to the remaining programs that supplied information.

If you have an idea for a diocesan outreach focus for 2015, or if word of your congregation’s feeding ministry did not reach us for the 2014 recognition, please let us know: Stewart Pierson (, Diana Collins (, Beth Ann Maier (


Feeding Ministries Supported by the 2014 McClure IV Outreach Fund:

Cathedral Church of St Paul, JUMP ecumenical ministry $2000

St James, Essex Jct, summer lunch program and Essex Eats Out $2000

St Stephen’s, Middlebury, summer lunch program $2500

St Mary’s, Northfield, Living Supplies Closet and community meal $1500

Church of the Good Shepherd, Barre, community breakfasts $1000

Christ Church, Montpelier, Full Ladle Soup Kitchen $1000

St James, Arlington, summer lunch program and community meal $1000

Feeding Ministries Supported by the 2014 Alleluia Fund:

St Andrews, St Johnsbury, community meal $300

Gethsemane, Proctorsville, senior luncheon  $300

St Pauls, WRJ, community dinner, summer lunches, food shelf $300

Mission 2 Deanery, CSA giveaway, youth gleening project $300

St Lukes, Fair Haven, community breakfast $300

St Marys in the Mountains, community dinner $300

Calvary, Underhill, soup and bread supper $300

St Andrews, Colchester, summer lunch program, food shelf $300

St Peters, Lyndonville, food shelf $300

Zion Church, Manchester, food shelf support $300

St Thomas and Grace, Brandon, community garden and food shelf $300

St Johns, Randolph, community dinner, food shelf support $300

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