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Response to the Devastating Earthquake in Ecuador


erdlgooBishop Ely has written the following letter to Bishop Morante of the Episcopal Diocese of Ecuador Litoral in response to the devastating earthquake in Ecuador. Donors are encouraged to direct support to Episcopal Relief and Development’s Disaster Fund

Dear +Alfredo,

The hearts, prayers and support of the people of Vermont go out to you and the people of Ecuador as you deal with the devastating impact of the recent earthquake. I am encouraging our people to support disaster relief efforts through Episcopal Relief and Development.

I was grateful to read in the recent ENS article that no members of your diocese were killed in this tragedy, although some were injured and many must have family or friends who were killed or injured. Please know that our hearts go out to you as you respond and recover from this disaster.

May God bless you with stamina and the resources needed to face this crisis.

Your brother in Christ,


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