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Daughters of the King Province 1 Holds 2016 Retreat


The following is a report from Trinity, Rutland parishioner Winifred Grace:

tiaraThe annual retreat for Daughters of the King, Province I, took place on April 29 and 30, 2016 at the Genesis Retreat Center in Westfield, MA. There were 17 women from throughout New England who attended and as always, it was so very good to see the faces of those we see but once a year, and this year meet a few new faces as well. Those attending from Trinity, Rutland’s Alpha Chapter were myself and Linda Barcomb.

The theme of this year’s retreat was honoring thresholds as sacred spaces in our lives. The book, recommended to be read prior to our attending, and written by Esther de Waal is entitled To Pause at the Threshold: Reflections on Living on the Border. If you would like to create a mini-retreat for yourself, I would highly encourage you to read this gem of a book, especially in thinking about today’s issues of borders and what they might mean. I promise you will be refreshed!

I have to tell you a little aside story about this retreat. When I told our rector (the Rev. Liam Muller) at our Thursday morning Bible study that we would be going to this retreat the next morning, he quipped to me, “Have you packed your tiara yet?” I just smiled a kind of smirky smile back at him and went on my way, but low and behold one of the first little gifts we were to receive following the initial meditation was the image pictured at left. I have to tell you, I just burst out laughing! Whoever said that the Holy Spirit doesn’t have the best sense of humor ever!

I can’t think of a better way to promote Daughters of the King. Yes, we have organizations in place at Trinity and throughout the diocese that already do all the things Daughters do (pray, serve and evangelize), but there is always room for more of a good thing, and so I enhearten the women of Trinity and Diocese of Vermont to consider adding Daughters of the King to their endeavors as a way of stepping over that threshold into a new way of becoming and perhaps even join us! For more information, contact the Trinity parish office via email or at (802)775-4368

Winifred Grace
Trinity Church, Rutland
A Daughter of the King

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