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From the Rock Point Operations Minister: What is happening here?


oldladyslipperAs I review the past six weeks at Rock Point, I am grateful for so much, including:

  •  120 participants and volunteers at our April 30 Partners and Friends event  and the hospitable welcome of CJ and the Rock Point School staff and students                
  • 14 Vermont environmental leaders reflecting on our plans for Rock Point and providing some wise advice
  • deep cleaning of the camp cabins and a pruning of trees nearby                                        
  •  sprucing up of the maintenance area by Chuck and other workers                            
  •  a plan on how to enhance the maple orchards for songbirds from a UVM class
  • ways to handle the water flow by the BBCC and beautify the area by UVM class
  • details for a forest stewardship plan for 20 acres across from the Diocesan Center
  •  UVM Geology Professor Laura Webb’s presentation to our Energy Coop on prospects for geo-thermal energy
  • a 300 person turn out for Preservation Burlington’s tour of the Bishop’s House          
  •  progress in exploring conservation easements for a portion of our property as one way to help us fund the stewardship of our land                                                                  
  •  generous pledge commitments to start our Partnership Campaign
  • the erection of a Garden classroom and kitchen designed and funded through a UVM design/build grant and overseen by a student and dedicated professor.
  • a renewed partnership agreement with Crow’s Path nature education
  • Rock Point Intentional Community’s generous gift to beautify the chape
  • the work of our Energy Coop in preparations to buy a solar orchard this year
  • the hospitality of the BBCC accommodating a large group at the last minute
  • increasing enrollment in the Rock Point Summer Camp sessions
  • individuals and groups using our property who have made contributions
  • the RP Board and RP Trustees exploration  a potential conservation easement for a portion of our property            

All these are tangible signs of hope, encouragement and love for Rock Point. Many thanks for your part in nurturing our Rock Point Community. If you want to get involved or have an idea to discuss, please call or write me via email or call 863-3431.        

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