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Commission on Ministry/Committee on Discernment

At the Bishop’s request, the Committee on Discernment meets to interview those seeking ordination and reports its observations and recommendations to him. Its reports become one source of information for the Bishop in deciding whether the person continues in the ordination process. The Committee also discusses and advises the Church in Vermont on general issues having to do with ordained ministry.

Resources offered by the Committee on Discernment include:

The current chairperson of the Committee is The Rev. Dr. Lee Alison Crawford (802) 422-9064


Chair Crawford Lee The Rev. Cn. Dr. 4 2 2021
Baker Stannard The Rev. 1 2 2020
Barton Beverly 3 1 2020
Brown Janet The Rev. 1 1 2019
Miller John The Rev. 5 2 2019
Nawrath Michael 5 2 2019
Newton Lisa 4 2 2020
Presler Titus The Rev. Dr. 1 1 2020
Richardson Shelie The Rev. 3 2 2021
Vandouris Candace 3 1 2019

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