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What Is a Local Mission Plan?

What Is a Local Mission Plan?

A Local Mission Plan is a process of discerning and planning, acting and reflecting. The process is created out of a congregation’s observations, learning, insights, and prayers about what God is doing and creating in the local context—the wider community outside of the church. A Local Mission Plan is formed with the opportunities and resources available to a congregation, informing a strategy to direct activities and decision-making about mission in this place, in this time and the years to come. A Local Mission Plan is about following Jesus, proclaiming the Good News, and looking for where we can work to further God’s mission in the world—that of restoring all people to God through Christ.

A Local Mission Plan is an organic document, a working tool that grows and changes as your work for the Kingdom in your locale or context develops. One crucial factor in preparing a Local Mission Plan is that it should be a process that has the widest possible involvement across your congregation. Once started, it is vital that your missional efforts are reflected upon for what goes well, what does not work, and what failed (really important). Give regular feedback to the congregation and groups, including members of the community with whom you are partnering and serving. We learn from all of this and then can change or fine-tune our missional activities.

Start with some of these resources…

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