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Study of Marriage Task Force Seeks Relationship Stories

Study of Marriage Task Force Seeks Relationship Stories

The Pastoral Subcommittee of the Task Force on the Study of Marriage recently issued a survey on relationships to collect stories about committed relationships, both same gender and opposite gender. It was originally sent to all bishops, deputies, and alternates deputies. Last month the Task Force reviewed the many submitted stories, and has decided to distribute it more broadly. The Rt. Rev. Thomas C. Ely, a member of the Task Force along with the Rev. Deacon Stannard Baker, has invited all members of the Episcopal Church in Vermont to participate in this survey:

(Available in Spanish)

The current edition includes an additional question from the Ecclesial Subcommittee of the Task Force. Those who have completed a previous version of the survey are asked to respond only to question 15.

Additional information can be found on the documents tab at, the web page of the Task Force on the Study of Marriage on the General Convention website. The site contains links to the following: the GC2015 Blue book report, which includes data on current relationship trends taken from work completed in the last Triennium (Essay 7); the enabling resolution, A037; a document on Framing Stories for those who may wish to conduct small group meetings to gather stories; and a web link to a piece by Garrison Keillor that presents current relationship data in song and verse.

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