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New Diocesan Website Opens for Beta Testing

New Diocesan Website Opens for Beta Testing

Site features Diocesan Convention Videos & Content

As part of our effort to increase both internal communications and our ministry of evangelism, the Episcopal Church in Vermont has been engaged in a project to redesign the diocesan website. The desktop version of the new site, which features a vibrant color palette and intuitive design, has now gone into beta testing. (Beta is a live trial conducted during the final stages of development to gather feedback on the site’s major components.) Most importantly, the beta site is the location for all videos, downloads and other takeaways from the 2016 Diocesan Convention!

How will the transition work?

During the beta test, which is expected to last two weeks, both the OLD and NEW websites will be online. The old website will remain accessible through its current address, It will contain a direct link to the new site.

At the completion of the beta test phase, the old site will be taken offline, and the new site, in its completed state, will replace the old site and will assume the address.

During the beta, you are encouraged to submit feedback to

Can I go directly to the NEW site?

Yes! The new site is directly accessible through the temporary address,

Diocesan Convention Highlights can be found here:

One final note…

During the beta test, the new site will only be viewable from desktop and laptop computers. Tablet and mobile functionality will be enabled at the completion of the test.

A special thanks to parish communicators, clergy and lay leaders who submitted photos and content for the new site. (As a reminder, your submissions are always welcome.) And special thanks to the diocesan ministry support team for their engagement during the planning and design.

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