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Archive: Thursday, December 1, 2016

Growing Locally, Serving Globally with Cristosal

‘Growing Locally, Serving Globally’ with Cristosal By Todd McKee, Wendy Grace, and Maurice Harris As we prepare for Christmas, we are mindful that as the Holy Family once fled the violence of Herod so, too, many families in El Salvador are fleeing violence. The good news is that all members and friends of the Episcopal Church

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Advent Inspires Preparations for Lent

Advent Inspires Preparations for Lent Although Lent may not begin until March 1, 2017, the time to prepare is now. Why so soon, you ask? The Society of Saint John the Evangelist and Virginia Theological Seminary recently released a new Lenten study series, Living Life Marked as Christ’s Own: A Discipleship Offering Inspired by the

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Kairos Earth and Partners Announce 2017 River Pilgrimage

Kairos Earth and Partners Announce 2017 River Pilgrimage 40-day Connecticut River Journey to Make Its Way to Vermont The Episcopal Churches of New England, the New England Synod of the ELCA, and Kairos Earth, in partnership with local, statewide, and regional organizations along the Connecticut River, are organizing the first-ever pilgrimage along the length of the

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Tending the Fire to Stoke Leadership Resilience in Vermont Congregations

‘Tending the Fire’ to Stoke Leadership Resilience in Vermont Congregations Registration Deadline: January 17, 2017 By Barbara Lemmel “Why does my church do that? And what can I do about it? Without letting it eat me alive?“ Leading a congregation through change—and all our congregations are experiencing change—isn’t ever easy. But it can be easier.

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Rock Point Summer Camp Announces 2017 Dates

Rock Point Summer Camp Announces 2017 Dates New Schedule Includes Winter Teen Camp in February By Maurice Harris The Rev. Sherry Osborn, Rock Point Summer Camp director, and her colleagues are excited to be gearing up for this year’s schedule. There’s only one concern. With the addition of a Winter Teen Camp in February, some

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Winter Checklist

Winter Checklist Whether your climate is snowy or mild, it’s important to protect your church property during the coldest months of the year. Here is a non-exclusive list of items to check: INSIDE After months of not being used, it is important that heating systems are functioning properly and efficiently. If systems are not maintained,

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Reflection: Peace (Part II)

Reflection: Peace (Part II) By Jane Lee Wolfe Let’s assume we are interested enough in peace to take on a little discipline that encourages us to be peaceful.  Discipline is not a bad word, it’s a good word. No one is standing over us with a stick and a scary face ready to beat us

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