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Bishop Booth Conference Center Announces Improvements Slated for 2017

Bishop Booth Conference Center Announces Improvements Slated for 2017

By Tony Drapelick

Bishop Booth Conference Center had a busy late-summer and fall season with revenues for the year exceeding expectations by $29,604 (Dec 23, 2016). A significant portion of the net income will be directed toward the 130 acres of Rock Point beyond the perimeter of the Conference Center. As we look ahead to fiscal year 2017, the Rock Point Board has approved several projects earmarked by the Rock Point Management Committee for bidding, vendor selection, and project completion in the coming year. The most noticeable improvement to be made to the Bishop Booth Conference Center’s three structures will be the re-staining of the buildings’ exterior siding in order to prolong its life. This project was last done almost 10 years ago.
The second and third priorities, respectively, are the replacement of a refrigeration unit and dishwasher in the commercial kitchen. The existing equipment has served well, but the units are now more than 30 years old and have recently been the source of higher-than-average maintenance costs. New equipment is needed, especially as we anticipate greater business volume in the coming year.
Our fourth priority is the replacement of furniture, particularly in meeting spaces, where wear and tear is most obvious. On a larger scale, as finances allow, we are expecting to re-roof both Butterfield Hall and Van Dyke House (with standing seam roofs to match what was done on the Kerr building in October 2015).
Consultants will also be looking at the Conference Center’s parking lot to outline options for creating a durable surface while improving drainage around the perimeter of the lot. This will be a busy year!
Christmas Blessings to All!

About Rock Point

Since 1855, Rock Point has served as a unique center of the Episcopal Church in Vermont, welcoming friends and neighbors attracted to its natural beauty and its peaceful, quiet, and social embrace. Each year, nearly 10,000 people come to Rock Point, finding a place to walk, seek solitude, learn, play, sing, pray, think, share, and be. Learn more about this diocesan treasure at

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