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Reverse Advent Calendar Challenge

Reverse Advent Calendar Challenge Benefits Food Banks Nationwide

The Advent Calendar is a popular tradition that conjures joyful images of cardboard calendars with little gifts of chocolate tucked behind each day leading up to Christmas. Just imagine how much more joy a Reverse Advent Calendar could bring – a calendar with enough space to hold every gift placed within it! This is precisely what Christ Church-Bethel, Vt., did. During the Advent Calendar Challenge, members were asked to collect food, toiletries, and baby items in a box, and, on Christmas eve, to deliver each box to a food bank of their choice. The Challenge generated 93 pounds of food for the Bethel Food Shelf, and—thanks to additional publicity on Facebook—another 60 pounds for food banks in Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Arizona, North Carolina, Virginia, California, and Washington D.C. Special thanks to John Hartman, a member of Christ Church-Bethel, for taking the lead on this fruitful event.

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