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Real Estate Policies

Episcopal Church in Vermont Real Estate Policies, Procedures & Best Practices for Purchases, Sales, Encumbrances, and Loans

The Standing Committee and the Trustees of the Diocese of Vermont are resolved to ensure that congregations and Diocesan institutions are good stewards of the real property that has been entrusted to them and to provide for the disposition of that property in a timely, orderly and canonical manner. The acquisition of real estate, the sale of real estate, the borrowing of money, or the encumbrance of real estate can be a major project for a congregation or a Diocesan institution, often engaging the valuable time and emotional energy of parishioners and those volunteering to help in governing Diocesan institutions. With the increasing cost of land and improvements thereon, as well as mission opportunities and budgetary issues, congregations and Diocesan institutions are often faced with difficult decisions around the creative and responsible use of real property under their stewardship.

Download the complete policy here.

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