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Jane Lee Wolfe Presents “Peacemaker” (6 Sessions)

Jane Lee Wolfe Presents “Peacemaker” (6 Sessions)

The Learning Lab
Woodstock, Vermont
Tuesdays Beginning April 11, 2017
10:00 AM to Noon

A six-session course covering three essential dimensions of sustainable peace.

Sessions 1 & 2: Personal Peace

What are our definitions of peace, and what are the disciplines necessary to live and maintain it?

Sessions 3 & 4: Community Peace

What is “community” to each of us, and how do we contribute peace within that community?

Sessions 5 & 6: World Peace

What is “world peace,” how is my peace a part of that, what disciplines are necessary for me to have a part of creating and maintaining sustainable peace globally, communally and personally?

Jane Lee Wolfe is a regular contributor of The Mountain and director of Bog Chapel, Inc., an education not-for-profit that focuses on personal, communal and global spiritual health and fitness. She writes a daily Internet piece called “Meds,” and has authored several books, including Swingin’ Loose and Weather in Heaven. For registration information, contact

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