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A Message from Bishop Ely: The 2017 Alleluiafund Appeal

A Message from Bishop Ely: The 2017 Alleluiafund Appeal
I see Jesus…You can, too.

Here at Rock Point, throughout the state of Vermont, and in distant places like Haiti, El Salvador, Jerusalem, and beyond, we are all witnesses to God’s love being expressed in and through the ministries of the Episcopal Church in Vermont. One place where I see Jesus is in the generosity of God’s people who have provided nearly a quarter million dollars over the last four years to help expand our ministries through the Alleluiafund.

During these great fifty days of Easter, we celebrate the joy of the resurrection of Jesus, and we commit ourselves more fully to proclaiming in word and action the good news of God’s reconciling love. One of the ways Ann and I do that is through our support of the Alleluiafund. As the stories from this year’s Alleluiafund Easter video series will demonstrate, amazing things are possible when generous hearts set their minds on seeing Jesus and helping others to do the same.

This year’s appeal will support Rock Point Summer Camp and the Rock Point Property, along with other ministries, through grants awarded by the new Grants and Loans Committee. So, please consider a generous gift to the Alleluiafund in service of Christ’s mission in the world and God’s great love for us, and see how Christ is indeed risen in our deeds.

Thank you, and God bless you in this season of Easter.

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