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Domestic Outreach & Social Justice Proclaims Alleluia!

Domestic Outreach & Social Justice Proclaims Alleluia!

During the Easter season ministries that have received grants from the Alleluiafund share their stories of how God has worked in and through them to serve God’s people. Amazing things are possible when generous hearts set their minds on seeing Jesus and helping others to do the same. Consider this story from one of our 2016 grant recipients:

I see Jesus. You can, too.

“I saw Jesus.

“I saw Jesus at a meeting, of all places. There was a mother there, with two young children, and she had come to Vermont to leave an abusive marriage. She was on a path to stability until her employer downsized and she lost her job. It plunged her into homelessness. Listening to her talk about the struggle of finding a new job without a home and with children was a powerful experience. The purpose of her sharing that story was to help Central Vermont Interfaith Action understand and advocate for actions like affordable housing and resources that would have help during her transition.

“The Domestic Outreach ministry for the diocese focused in 2016 on helping communities speak with Jesus’ social justice voice. We did this by supporting Vermont Interfaith Action and United Valley Interfaith Project in their work to promote systemic change to enable Vermonters to thrive.

“That meeting was just one example of how I’ve seen Jesus in our outreach ministries. I’ve seen Jesus in ongoing efforts toward economic justice, to end homelessness, and to improve our education system for vulnerable populations. I’ve also seen Jesus in our historical efforts such as community meals at our parishes that provided food for the hungry and fellowship for the lonely.

“I could go on, but you get the idea. I see Jesus at the intersection, feeding the hungry and making hunger obsolete.”

The Rev. Beth Ann Maier
Central Vermont

About Domestic Outreach & Social Justice

The Domestic Outreach Ministry & Social Justice of the Diocese focuses on making systemic changes over the long term as well as attending to the immediate needs of our neighbors across Vermont. For many years, this has included feeding ministries through Community Meals, Community Gardens, Community Food Shelves, Community Summer Lunches for Kids, and Community Partnerships. More recently, the ministry has expanded its outreach to interfaith organizations involved in social justice advocacy and activism.

How Alleluiafund assisted the Rock Point property in 2016

In 2016, the Domestic Outreach & Social Justice Ministry provided Vermont Interfaith Action and United Valley Interfaith Project with $7,200 in Alleluiafund support, helping local communities to thrive.

About the 2017 Alleluiafund Appeal

This year’s appeal will support Rock Point Summer Camp and the Rock Point Property, along with other ministries, through grants awarded by the new Grants and Loans Committee. So, please consider a generous gift to Alleluia fund in service of Christ’s mission in the world and God’s great love for us, and see how Christ is indeed risen in our deeds.

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