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Earth Stewards Proclaim Alleluia!

Earth Stewards Proclaim Alleluia!

During the Easter season ministries that have received grants from the Alleluiafund share their stories of how God has worked in and through them to serve God’s people. Amazing things are possible when generous hearts set their minds on seeing Jesus and helping others to do the same. Consider this story from one of our 2016 grant recipients:

I see Jesus. You can, too.
“I saw Jesus.

“I saw Jesus at a conference in October of 2016. The conference was called Deep Change for Climate Justice, and I was there on behalf of the Earth Stewards Committee. I saw Jesus in everyone there who took the form of a Rabbi, a teacher, to lead us in environmental justice and to reaffirm our love for creation. I saw Jesus again in the Voices of the Lake, a presentation at that same conference, something that has been useful to the Earth Stewards’ message.

“The conference is just one example of how I see Jesus. I also see Jesus when farmers in Addison County leave food for the geese who rest there on their migration journey. I see Jesus when I kayak on Lake Champlain and humanity seems so much in community with nature. And I see Jesus in the actions of people—in the love and care they take of the world we live in and the inspiration I gain from their stories.

“I could go on, but you get the picture. I see Jesus in everyone working for stewardship of the earth.”

Wendy Gracy, Trinity Episcopal Church, Rutland, Vt.

About Earth Stewards

The mission of the Earth Stewards is to foster awareness and deepen understanding of our lives as stewards of God’s creation, and to practice environmental responsibility and sustainability. Learn more online at

How Alleluiafund assisted Earth Stewards in 2016

A $2,750 Alleluiafund grant enabled Earth Stewards to participate in the 2016 Deep Change for Climate Justice conference, strengthening our commitment to this movement and helping propel the Episcopal Church in Vermont toward a just and sustainable culture.

About the 2017 Alleluiafund Appeal

This year’s appeal will support Rock Point Summer Camp and the Rock Point Property, along with other ministries, through grants awarded by the new Grants and Loans Committee. So, please consider a generous gift to Alleluia fund in service of Christ’s mission in the world and God’s great love for us, and see how Christ is indeed risen in our deeds.

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