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Rock Point Property Proclaims Alleluia!

Rock Point Property Proclaims Alleluia!

During the Easter season ministries that have received grants from the Alleluiafund share their stories of how God has worked in and through them to serve God’s people. Amazing things are possible when generous hearts set their minds on seeing Jesus and helping others to do the same. Consider this story from one of our 2016 grant recipients:

I see Jesus. You can, too.
“I saw Jesus.

“I saw Jesus in mid-January 2017 leading a tour of part of the Rock Point trail that’s going to be rebuilt. She was showing us where a population of rare plants is located, so that we could help in protecting them. Her name is Kate. And Kate’s enthusiasm, wisdom, knowledge, and deep passion really reminded me of Christ’s infectious love—a love that draws you in and connects you to God’s creation.

“But this is just one example of the many times I’ve seen Jesus on the Rock Point property. For example I see in the students of Rock Point School when they’re turning sap to syrup. I see Jesus in Crow’s Path Nature School—children of 75 families falling in love with 130 acres of God’s world. I see Jesus in the Partner’s Pantry—canning handpicked blackberries into jam for the Food Shelf. And I see Jesus in Kara’s Medicinal Workshops, witnessing to God’s natural provisions for healing.

“I could go on, but you get the idea. I see Jesus at Rock Point gathering a community of hope.”

The Rev. Craig Smith, Rock Point Operations Minister

About the Rock Point Property

Since 1855, Rock Point has served as a unique center of the Episcopal Church in Vermont. Its 130 acres are home to Bishop Booth Conference Center, Rock Point Intentional Community, Rock Point Gardens, Rock Point Summer Camp, the historic Bishop’s House, and Rock Point School. Homeward Bound Collective and Crow’s Path Field School also utilize the property for outdoor education, and geology scholars worldwide come to study the Thrust Fault. Additionally, Rock Point hosts individual and group retreats, worship, and weddings year-round. In 2016, as part of a three-year Land Use plan, Rock Point purchased an on-site solar orchard, which provides renewable energy for the entire property. There are many opportunities to play, pray, and learn at Rock Point. Find out more online at

How Alleluiafund assisted the Rock Point property in 2016

In 2016, Rock Point achieved its mission “to be a welcoming sanctuary of spirituality, creativity, community, education, training, and environmental stewardship” in part with $11,000 in Alleluiafund support.

About the 2017 Alleluiafund Appeal

This year’s appeal will support Rock Point Summer Camp and the Rock Point Property, along with other ministries, through grants awarded by the new Grants and Loans Committee. So, please consider a generous gift to Alleluia fund in service of Christ’s mission in the world and God’s great love for us, and see how Christ is indeed risen in our deeds.

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