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Rock Point Summer Camp Proclaims Alleluia!

Rock Point Summer Camp Proclaims Alleluia!

During the Easter season ministries that have received grants from the Alleluiafund share their stories of how God has worked in and through them to serve God’s people. Amazing things are possible when generous hearts set their minds on seeing Jesus and helping others to do the same. Consider this story from one of our 2016 grant recipients:

I see Jesus. You can, too.

“I saw Jesus.

“I saw Jesus at Rock Point Summer Camp, and her name was Chaplain Molly.  It was during our morning circle at the outdoor chapel. The ten Day Campers ranged in age from five to eights years old, and as Chaplain Molly was singing, a Chickadee lighted just on a tree behind us. A teachable moment, definitely. In the silence that our prayer time offered, we taught the children how to call the birds in. And then I saw Jesus again, in the eyes of the children, as they began to call the birds quietly, tenderly. As we watched the birds flock to the canopy above, the adults, the staff, the campers, all of us…We were mesmerized.

“That day with Chaplain Molly and the Day Campers was just one example of the many times I’ve seen Jesus at Rock Point Summer Camp. For example, I see Jesus whenever a camper tries archery for the first time and their eyes light up when the arrow hits the target. I see Jesus when an elementary camper offers comfort to another whose grandmother has just died. I see Jesus when a child whose shoes are worn receives a new pair here at Camp.

“I could go on, but you get the picture. Just like those Day Campers, once we’ve called the birds in, we can quietly let them feed. That’s how it is. We are fed by God, and then we feed our neighbors, and so the cycle continues: Christ is risen in our deeds.”

The Rev. Sherry Osborn, Director
Rock Point Summer Camp

About Rock Point Summer Camp

Rock Point Summer Camp playfully, prayerfully guides children, youth and adults through transformative outdoor sanctuaries as lovers of nature in the mission of mending creation. Campers are invited to belong to a caring, cooperative community, create friendships, and explore the beauty of Rock Point along the picturesque backdrop of Lake Champlain. Campers grow in confidence, independence and interdependence. They try new activities and learn new skills. Most importantly, they experience the glory of creation where outdoor adventure meets spiritual exploration. Learn more at http://

How Alleluiafund assisted Rock Point Summer Camp in 2016

Rock Point Summer Camp hosted a record number of campers in 2016. The capacity to grow and serve is made possible in part by $16,730 in Alleluiafund support awarded in 2016.

About the 2017 Alleluiafund Appeal

This year’s appeal will support Rock Point Summer Camp and the Rock Point Property, along with other ministries, through grants awarded by the new Grants and Loans Committee. So, please consider a generous gift to Alleluia fund in service of Christ’s mission in the world and God’s great love for us, and see how Christ is indeed risen in our deeds.

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