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Trustees Announce Sept. 14 Diocesan Unit Trust Fund Info Session

Investing in the Vermont Branch of the Jesus Movement:

Just What Is the Diocesan Unit Trust Fund and How Does It Work?

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 14, from 7:00 to 8:00 PM

Church Treasurers, Finance Committee members, and representatives of all current investors in the Diocesan Unit Trust Fund are urged to attend an informational DUT Briefing on THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 14, from 7:00 to 8:00 PM.

Since 1964, Episcopalians in Vermont have been pooling and investing their financial resources together to benefit individual churches and most of our Diocesan ministries. The Diocesan Unit Trust Fund (also known as the DUT) today totals more than $25 million in earnings, distributions from which provide income every quarter. By Diocesan rules, investments such as the DUT are the responsibility of the Trustees of the Diocese.

Investment strategies have evolved over the years, but the Trustees’ goal for the DUT is to maximize returns from its investments to support churches and ministries that have entrusted their assets to the DUT. Currently, the Fund returns five percent annually, or 1.25 percent each quarter.

In 2015, the Trustees approved a new Investment Policy that spoke clearly to the Gospel Imperative governing the DUT’s investment objectives and adopted the investment guidelines of The Episcopal Church, which in turn implements the guidelines of General Convention regarding our church’s invested resources.

This DUT Briefing is your opportunity to learn more about the DUT, to understand how it works, how it responds to the Gospel Imperative, what the goals are for socially responsible investing, and how this pooled investment fund supports local churches and our Diocesan ministries, including Rock Point, Rock Point School, and Brookhaven School.

To sign up to participate in the DUT Briefing, please email

UPDATE (August 28, 2017): Registrants will be provided the option to participate either by web conference or by telephone.

Information about the DUT, including the DUT Investment Policy and the Trustees of the Diocese, can be found at

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