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Message from Bishop Ely & Presiding Bishop Curry on Hurricane Harvey

Message from Bishop Ely & Presiding Bishop Curry on Hurricane Harvey

To the people of the Episcopal Church in Vermont:

As we follow news of the devastation that Hurricane Harvey has caused in Texas and Louisiana, we continue to remember in prayer those whose lives have been directly impacted and forever changed by the storm. In addition to our prayers, we can assist in a meaningful way by connecting with and contributing to Episcopal Relief & Development. Please take a moment to read the announcement from Presiding Bishop Michael Curry, included with my note, which explains the important role of Episcopal Relief & Development at times such as these. Additionally, please share with your congregations the bulletin inserts provided in Bishop Curry’s email.

The sense of loss, uncertainty, and fear expressed by so many people in Texas and Louisiana hits many Vermonters close to home. It is not too long ago that we were in the wake of Hurricane Irene, and its effects left an indelible mark on our communities. We also recall how important and helpful Episcopal Relief and Development, as well as support from throughout the wider Church, was to us in those post-Irene days. As you consider a contribution to Episcopal Relief & Development, please give generously realizing that natural disasters damage more than property alone. Your support enables the many dimensions of recovery that lay ahead.

I also want to remind you and encourage the participation of representatives from each of our congregations in the upcoming Vermont Disaster Preparation Workshop on September 23rd

Thank you for your generosity in this and so many other ways. It is a joy and privilege to serve among such generous people.

Faithfully yours in Christ,



Presiding Bishop Michael Curry on Hurricane Harvey: Our brothers and sisters in Texas and Louisiana need our help.

Video available here:

August 29, 2017

From Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop Michael Curry:

Long ago the prophet Malachi taught that we are all children of God by virtue of our creation by the same God. “Have we not all one father? Has not one God created us,” he asked (2:10). Jesus taught the same thing when he told a story about a Good Samaritan. We are indeed all the children of God. And if we are all God’s children, then we are all brothers and sisters.

In our recent days, we have watched and witnessed the devastation in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.  Our brothers and sisters in Texas and Louisiana need our help.

Episcopal Relief & Development reminds us not to send food, clothing or other items because affected dioceses have limited or no capacity to receive, store or distribute goods. It is more efficient and better for the local economy to make a donation.

Episcopal Relief & Development already has actions in place for assistance.

As our fellow Episcopalians minister to those in need they need our help not just now or in the short term, but for the long haul. Our support of Episcopal Relief & Development is a tangible, practical, effective and reliable way to do that, keep in your prayers for the people in Texas and Louisiana whose lives have been forever changed by Hurricane Harvey.

Together we are the human family of God and our efforts in times like these truly help bring God’s love and ours to our sisters and brothers in great need.

The Most Rev. Michael B. Curry
Presiding Bishop and Primate
The Episcopal Church

El Obispo Presidente Michael Curry sobre el Huracán Harvey: Nuestros hermanos y hermanas de Texas y Luisiana necesitan nuestra ayuda. 

Un video del Obispo Presidente está aquí

El 29 de agosto, 2017

Del Obispo Presidente Michael Curry:

Hace mucho tiempo el profeta Malaquías enseñó que todos somos hijos de Dios en virtud de haber sido creados por el mismo Dios. “¿No tenemos todos un solo padre?, ¿no nos creó un mismo Dios?”, preguntó (2:10). Jesús enseñó lo mismo cuando contó una historia sobre un buen samaritano. De hecho, somos todos hijos de Dios. Y si todos somos hijos de Dios, entonces todos somos hermanos y hermanas.

En los últimos días, hemos visto y presenciado la devastación a raíz del huracán Harvey. Nuestros hermanos y hermanas de Texas y Luisiana necesitan nuestra ayuda.

La Agencia Episcopal de Ayuda y Desarrollo nos indica que no enviemos comida, ropa u otros artículos porque las diócesis afectadas tienen limitada o ninguna capacidad para recibir, almacenar o distribuir bienes. Es más eficiente y mejor para la economía local hacer una donación.

La Agencia Episcopal de Ayuda y Desarrollo nos dice qué podemos hacer para una ayuda de primera emergencia.

Mientras nuestros compañeros episcopales sirven a los necesitados, necesitan nuestra ayuda no sólo ahora o a corto plazo, sino a largo plazo. Nuestro apoyo a la Agencia Episcopal de Ayuda y Desarrollo es una forma tangible, práctica, eficaz y confiable de hacerlo, recen por  las personas de Texas y Luisiana cuyas vidas han sido cambiadas para siempre por el huracán Harvey.

Juntos somos la familia humana de Dios y nuestros esfuerzos en tiempos como estos realmente aportan apreciable ayuda  a nuestras hermanas y hermanos en gran necesidad.

El Rvdmo. Michael B. Curry
Obispo Presidente y Primado
Iglesia Episcopal

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