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Rock Point Camp Report to the Rock Point Board, Sept. 2017

Report to the Rock Point Board Rock Point Camp (RPC) – (Presented to Diocesan Council on Sept. 30, 2017)

21.Sept.17 (revised) The Rev. Sherry Osborn, Camp Director


· Successful summer despite loss of three Camp America counselors during staff training, two new full time staff were hired. Miles Spirito came to our rescue and worked several camps to fill out our boys cabin crew. All in all we experienced another successful summer thanks to the dedication of our original three cabin counselors, commitment of new staff, a very strong senior staff team, phenomenal volunteers, short term hires and the grace of God. Many campers (and parents) reported that Rock Point is their favorite camp out of all the camps they attend throughout the summer.

· Adult Camp cancelled due to low enrollment. Two new adults registered. Our returning adult campers did not materialize due to “family reunions”, “church retreats”, etc. Rock Point Ministry Team supports promoting the program as an alumni camp which would include all ages.

· Camp Video collaboration with Maurice Harris, Rock Point teacher Kelsey Guarino and student Josh along with campers and staff throughout the summer season. Maurice spearheaded the project while working with Josh who visited camp throughout the summer to film camp life. Campers and staff wrote lyrics (with help from Maurice and Josh!) for a song which be a key component of the video. Once completed, the video will be used for promotional and recruitment purposes. A BIG shout out to Josh (who was wonderful with campers and staff alike), Kelsey and Maurice for working so hard on this.

· Progress on Morning Program development thanks to the gifts and skills of this summer’s staff around earth based, nature spirituality. For the first time, we heard campers state the morning program was their “high” for the week. Winter months will allow us to develop this further.

· 2017 Registrations – Final Registration 100. Day Camp I-20 (Full); Day Camp II-18 (Full due to larger UCC camp and short staff); Elem-10; Int-25; Jr Hi-15; Sr Hi – 12; Adult-0; UCC Horton Center Goes to Rock Point* -16. Total income (incldg UCC camp): $42,378. Outstanding Income: $1210. Budgeted Inc Registration Fees: 44,720.

· 2017 Budget Income Deficit is projected due to a combination of realities. Lower than expected registration fees based on chosen payment tiers and fundraising. We await Alleluia Funds in hopes that the $16,500 will be realized. Additionally, we will pursue a matching fund effort once I return from vacation. Goal will be a minimum of $6000 but will depend upon what matching gift is acquired.

· * UCC Horton Center Goes to Rock Point is a joint program of the VT UCC outdoor ministry and Horton Center, NH Conference camp ran a residential camp at Rock Point as our Day Camp II took place. Their enrollment was 16 campers plus staff. We provided food service, facilities and admin support. This year they provided their own RN and lifeguards. Total Registration Fee Income to RPC: $6468.

· Horton Center Goes to Rock Point: UCC outdoor ministries team and Horton Center camp director are happy to make Rock Point its new home for serving the youth of their Conference. As summer camps in the UCC deal with similar challenges as Rock Point Camp, we’ve discussed future possibilities of shared programming at Rock Point. Short term, we will once again run our day camp and their residential camp simultaneously. For the future, they would like to offer off-site camps beginning and ending at RPC. Much room to grow!

· A detailed report including demographics of campers, church funding, etc. is attached.

· Camp Outfitters by Land’s End camp logo gear now available at Camp receives a small percentage for each purchase as well as happy campers and good promotion. We’ll have sample clothing at Convention.

· RPC Ministry Team finalizing 2018 dates/camps and planning for winter projects.

· Parent/camper evaluation survey – potential coordination with Michelle to send out mid-October.

· Thank you’s to volunteers & donors.

· Hours tracked Aug 2016-Sept 17 – Total # Hours Logged: 1693 hours; Weekly Average (Jan-Dec): 32 hours; Off Season Average (late Aug-May): 21 hours. Six categories were tracked: 1.Staff/Volunteer, 2. Marketing/PR, 3. Customer Service, 4. Planning/Strategizing 5. Management , 6. Program. A detailed report has been submitted to Craig Smith and Tom Ely.

· Work with Michael Crane along with other members of the management team and business planning team.

· Working on end of season reports, 2018 budget, Diocesan Convention, Friends/Partners article

· Celebrating the Lake and Sacred Water event – as planning team member, we enjoyed a successful day. The EDOV was a co-sponsor thanks to generosity of the Bishop. Attached is a copy of our service and meditation guide for the day. The Rev. Fred Mosher assisted with the opening circle. Debrief session takes place this week as we discuss our plans for 2018.

· Away on vacation Sept 23-Oct 8

Respectfully submitted: Sherry Osborn

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