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St. Paul’s Children Host Bake Sale for ‘Jimmy’s Farm After the Fire’

St. Paul’s Children Host Bake Sale for ‘Jimmy’s Farm After the Fire’

WELLS, VERMONT – In September of this year, an accidental fire destroyed the main barn on the farm of Richard and Lucy Burch, the parents of Laura Burch-Brayman, a member of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Wells, Vermont. After the fire was extinguished and the animals counted, the Burches were faced with the question of what to do. The barn was uninsured, and the farm was their livelihood.

Jimmy Burch Brayman, the Burch’s five-year-old grandson and “intern farm worker,” shared the story of the barn burning and the search for the farm animals with the children of St. Paul’s. For example, there was the runaway pig who went into hiding and returned only to eat the cat food put out for the barn cats. The pig was eventually caught and received daily salve treatments for his singed skin.

As a result, the children of the Church decided they wanted to provide some assistance to help rebuild “Jimmy’s farm” after the fire. At St. Paul’s, when announcements are made after the Holy Eucharist, the Vicar, The Rev. William Davidson, always asks the congregation if there are any other announcements. Young Sammy Ruck raised his hand and said he had an announcement: The Sunday School would like to have a bake sale on November 5th to help “Jimmy’s farm after the fire.” The congregation was not only impressed but moved to support the effort wholeheartedly.

So on, Sunday, November 5, the young people set up their bake sale table at 8:30 AM, not at St. Paul’s Church, but on the village green across from the entrance to the Methodist Church which begins its worship services a half hour before those at St. Paul’s. It was a very good “marketing strategy” which enabled not only the selling of much of their goodies, but also a few checks just to support the good deed. Then, the fund raisers moved the table back to the St. Paul’s property and placed it in the path of those exiting the Church headed for the parish house for coffee hour.  The result of this strategy was that everything was sold! Indeed, one young girl announced to the Vicar that there was nothing left to buy, but for $.25 she would give him a hug!

Featured above is a picture of some of the children and their parents who seemed to have learned the meaning of Jesus’ lesson that when you care for others, you care for him. Oh, by the way, they raised over $230!

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