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Register for January 2018 ‘Tending the Fire’

Register for January 2018 ‘Tending the Fire’

Discover Your Role Sparking Life into Local Congregations

Do you ever feel like your church gets “stuck”? Do you find the same conversation happening in meeting after meeting, without resolution? Or are there topics so touchy that no one brings them out at all? Do a few people do almost all the work of the church while others seem to do very little? Are you one of those people doing everything, and you’re not sure how much longer you can do it? Is there a lot of worry and not much joy in your ministry?

If so, then Tending the Fire will help you understand why people in your church act the way they do, especially when they are anxious. You’ll discover how important your role as leader can be, and how to live into that role in ways that are sustainable and life-giving for you and for the church. You’ll learn how to assess the best changes for the place you serve, and how to implement those changes so that they last.

Tending the Fire will be offered in Barre, Vermont beginning in January 2018; register online at For more information, contact Rev. Barbara Lemmel at (802) 881-3267 or

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