Clergy & Lay Leader Resources

If you are unable to locate the resource you are seeking, please contact

Audits and Church Finances

Advance Prep for Audit
Audit Organizer and Checklist
Notification of Audit Committee Members (Updated Feb. 13, 2019)
Manual for Treasurers of Vermont Churches
A Manual for Audit Committees
Audit Compliance Review Form (Updated Feb. 13, 2019)
Audit Certification Form (Updated Feb. 13, 2019)
Audit Books of Account
Internal Control Checklist (Updated Feb. 13, 2019)
IRS 20 Questions
Parochial Reports Reconciliation Form (PDF)
Parochial Report Instructions (PDF)
Episcopal Church Manual of Business Methods in Church Affairs
Episcopal Church Parochial Report Resources

Baptismal Ministry Resources

About Baptismal Ministry 2013
Baptismal Ministry Resource List 2013
Local Ministry Support Team Formation Process 2012
Formation Resources for Covenant Groups 2013

Bishop Booth Conference Center

Click here for information about Rock Point and the Bishop Booth Conference Center.


Constitution & Canons of the Diocese of Vermont (as amended by the October 2018 Diocesan Convention)
Constitution & Canons of The Episcopal Church 2018 (Page will open in General Convention website.)

Christian Formation

Go here for resources, including life-long formation and confirmation.

Commission on Ministry Resources

Resources from the Commission on Ministry and Committee on Discernment

Congregational Resources from the Wider Episcopal Church

ECF Vital Practices, offered by the Episcopal Church Foundation, offers vestry members and other people of faith, resources and tools to respond to the changing needs of the Church. Building upon the spiritually grounded, practical Vestry Papers articles that have inspired and informed vestry members since 1995, Vital Practices uses the Internet to both expand its offering and its audience. Be sure to check out the Webinars and Tools section of the website.

The Episcopal Church Office of Research examines local trends and demographics, which can help Episcopal congregations grow and better respond to the needs of their communities. Congregations that are more welcoming to newcomers offer more opportunities for transformation and mission. The “Studying Your Congregation and Community” charts break down social and demographic characteristics of Episcopal churches and their communities by geographical location. Trends in membership, average worship attendance, and financial giving can be used to indicate growth, decline, or stability. The community demographic profile provides an overview of a one-mile radius of a congregation’s physical location.

Congregations in Transition

Contact Canon Lynn Bates for a listing of Congregations in transition.
Calling New Clergy Partnership in a Congregation 2015

Constitution & Canons

See Canons.

Disaster Preparedness

Resources to assist with mitigating and managing disasters can be found on the Disaster Preparedness page, including diocesan plans, contacts, and links to wider church resources.

Diocesan Convention

Diocesan Convention Web Page
Journals of the Annual Convention of the Diocese of Vermont

Diocesan Handbook

Information about Diocesan, Provincial, and Episcopal Church governance has been included on our Governance page. To locate congregations and their leadership, please use our Locations page. For contact lists not publicly available on this site, or for additional help, please contact us.

Diocesan Prayer Calendar

Click here to download the 2019 Diocesan Prayer Calendar (PDF – updated January 10, 2019)

Food Insecurity Resources (from Spring Clergy Day)

Food Insecurity: An Annotated Resources List for Vermont Document 1
Food Insecurity: An Annotated Resources List for Vermont Document 2
Food Insecurity: An Annotated Resources List for Vermont Document 3

Grant and Loan Programs

The Grants and Loans Committee oversees all grants and loans available through the diocese. The application process for grants, appeals and loans was recently streamlined. Updated information, including the applications and report forms, can be found here.


Go here for links to resources regarding church property insurance.

Letter of Transfer

It is customary in the Episcopal Church that when you move from one parish to another, you so do by Letter of Transfer.  This can be accomplished by the Parish Secretary requesting a Letter of Transfer from your former parish.  Once the Letter of Transfer is received, you become a member of the church you have transferred to.

Download a Letter of Transfer form.

Liturgical Ministries Profiles

Liturgical Ministries Profiles: a competency-based resource for lay liturgical ministers

Marriage Resources

Please see our Marriage Resources page for the policy and forms pertaining to Holy Matrimony

Misconduct (Make a Report)

If you have knowledge of what you believe to be misconduct by a member of the clergy (bishops, priests and deacons), visit our “Report Misconduct (Title IV Intake)” page.

Multicultural Resources

Vermont Partnership for assistance, support and advocacy related to inclusion, diversity, and equity in the public sphere.
Kicked Out! A report on the disparate treatment of students of color and those with disabilities when it comes to discipline in our VT public schools.
Vermont African American Heritage Trail
Greater Burlington Multicultural Resource Center
The Episcopal Church in Vermont’s Racial Reconciliation & Racial Healing Page


Alcohol Use Policy

Poverty Resources

Poverty: An Annotated Resource List
Poverty Reminder Tent Card (pdf)
National Council of Churches Poverty Initiative
Vermont Plan to End Homelessness (Vermont Council on Homelessness)
Study Guide for The Rich and The Rest of Us, by Cornell West and Tavis Smiley

Prayer Calendar

See Diocesan Prayer Calendar

Racial Healing & Reconciliation

See Multicultural Resources.

Real Estate Policies

Real Estate Policies can be found on the Trustees’ page. From the main menu, select About>Governance>Trustees. Or click this link:

Retired Clergy Newsletter

September 2018 Edition
Epiphany 2018 Edition

Safe Church Training

Diocese of Vermont Policies and Procedures Relating to Sexual Misconduct
Diocese of Vermont Policies for the Protection of Children and Youth/Standards and Practical Applications for Anyone Working with Children or Youth
Download the safer church training manual, Honoring Our Relationships
Go here for information on Safe Church Training for clergy and lay leaders.
If you have knowledge of what you believe to be misconduct by a member of the clergy (bishops, priests and deacons), visit our “Report Misconduct (Title IV Intake)” page.


Resources are here.

Supply Clergy

Click here for a listing of Supply Clergy (Updated July 9, 2019)
Compensation Schedule for Supply Clergy:

In September 2018, Diocesan Council reviewed clergy supply rates in other Province I dioceses and then voted to increase the supply rates for the Diocese of Vermont, effective January 1, 2019. The rates for 2019 are as follows:

  • $150 for one service, plus mileage and out-of-pocket expenses
  • $250 for two services plus mileage and out-of-pocket expenses
  • $0.58 a mile for all business miles driven (2019 Current IRS Rate)

Title IV Intake (Report Misconduct)

If you have knowledge of what you believe to be misconduct by a member of the clergy (bishops, priests and deacons), visit our “Report Misconduct (Title IV Intake)” page.

Trustees of the Diocese of Vermont Information

The information you are seeking has moved to the Trustees’ page at:


The Vestry Resource Guide  For first-time vestry members or more seasoned leaders. How-to practical advice and information, founded on the Baptismal Covenant.

Vestry Papers/Vital Practices  Resources and tools to respond to the changing needs of the Church. Web-based resources, articles, blogs, and thematic articles.

Top Ten Resources for Vestries  All still excellent, but up-date the Tax Guide for Clergy to 2015 version.

Webinar Recordings for Vestry Members and Wardens:

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