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Alleluiafund Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow.

Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow.

Our annual appeal, which became the Alleluiafund in 2013, has generated more than more than $350,000 over the years to support and expand ministries of the Episcopal Church in Vermont—over $285,000 in the last five years alone! As we look with gratitude on the past, we look with hopeful expectation toward the future.

As in year’s past, this year’s Alleluiafund appeal will begin on Easter Sunday, and all people of the Diocese are encouraged to demonstrate Christ risen in our deeds by making a generous gift. The 2018 pledge goal is $40,000, and the funds will be used to support Rock Point Summer Camp and the Rock Point Property, along with other ministries, through grants awarded by the Grants and Loans Committee.

The Alleluiafund appeal will begin on Easter Sunday. The pledge goal is $40,000.

In our local communities and in places across the globe, lives have been transformed, spirits lifted, and hearts renewed thanks to your generous contributions. As a founding value of the Alleluiafund, one hundred percent of the donations received are redistributed as grants that provide a timely response to vital common ministries beyond the reach of the Diocese’s operating budget.

The Grants & Loans Committee is now accepting applications for the remaining 2017 Alleluiafund dollars.

As a reminder, the Grants & Loans Committee is currently accepting grant applications to disburse the remaining Alleluiafund dollars received in 2017. The application deadline is March 15. Apply here:

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