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Diocesan Council Meeting Highlights – February 18, 2018

Diocesan Council Meeting Highlights – February 18, 2018

By Jean Wilson

Be it Resolved
That the Diocesan Council of the Episcopal Church in Vermont, and all members of the Episcopal Church in Vermont, thank Julie Giguere for her long, dedicated and valuable service as the Finance & Property Administrator for the Diocese upon her retirement from that post. She has been a careful steward of the resources of the Episcopal Church in Vermont, and a wellspring of great support and wise counsel for its congregations, and be it further

That the efforts of Julie Giguere will be honored and long remembered by all those in the Episcopal Church in Vermont who have benefited from her work and her wisdom.

The Council of the Diocese of Vermont
This 17th Day of February 2018

* * *

The Diocesan Council met at Christ Church in Montpelier and began with devotions led by The Rev. Heidi Edson. Members took time to talk about the recent tragic shootings in Florida – the group shared feelings of despair at the massacre of children and anger at leaders who have done nothing about gun violence.

Gerry Davis, MD, treasurer joined the meeting via zoom, and his report and presentation was the 2017 end of the year financial wrap up. The diocese was anticipating a very large shortfall in income, but as parishes have sent in their assessments at year end combined with expense containment at diocesan level, the projected deficit will not be nearly as large as expected. As decided at the 2017 convention, parishes will absorb this deficit, and invoices will be sent out in the near future. For 2018, the formula for assessment has been adjusted to hopefully prevent an income deficit.


  • The Bishop discernment process working budget was approved.
  • The Diocesan Manual of Personnel Policies and Benefits Summary, originally adopted in 2003 was updated and approved.
  • The Safe Church Policy was updated and approved (each parish must adopt their own safe church policy and covered persons must complete recertification every 5 years).

The 2018 Diocesan Convention in Burlington has been changed to Oct. 26 & 27, 2018.

COUNCIL PRIORITIES FOR 2018: Set up in 3 categories

  • Communications: Focus on churches with active food ministries and programs in support of united against gun violence
  • Reporting Groups: Rock Point, Reimagining Convention, Cathedral Chapter, Budget & Finance including Alleluia Funds, Grants & Loan, VT. Ecumenical Council, Episcopal transition, Green Mtn Witness team, Province One, General convention, Commission on Ministry
  • Priorities (to be on Agenda every meeting): Racial Reconciliation, Evangelism, Community Conversations (congregational leadership, encouraging interfaith programming, and dignity for all), Understanding Full Communion with United Methodist Church (UMC).

The next Diocesan Council Meeting will be on Thursday, March 22.

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