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Spread the Word…Evangelism Matters!

Spread the Word…Evangelism Matters!

The Rev. Liam Muller | Evangelism Correspondent

This month the Rev. Dr. Titus Presler, Jamison Dunne, Joe Fortner, Kathleen Moore and I are attending an evangelism conference in the Cleveland, Ohio area. I happen to love the title of the conference for its double meaning” “Evangelism Matters.”

On the one hand, “Evangelism Matters” can refer to matters pertaining to evangelism.

On the one hand, this can refer to matters pertaining to evangelism—which is very exciting in and of itself. This is even more exciting when you know it is being led by Presiding Bishop Michael Curry; himself the chief evangelist of our denomination.

It should come as no surprise to you that I am passionate about evangelism and this passion has been a prevalent aspect of my ordained ministry since it began. When I heard PB Curry’s message when he was elected Presiding Bishop this passion was validated and has grown to where it is today.

This is the long way of saying that I am truly excited to hear what he and all the others at this conference have to say. Further, I am equally excited to be able to have the opportunity to share what we learn with all of you.

I am also grateful to God to be able to be counted among those who are intentionally setting out to proclaim the Good News (the key word there being “intentionally,” as I am certain we are all, in our own way, living into the fullness of our baptismal covenant).

The other meaning of “Evangelism Matters” is that evangelism is important.

The other meaning of the double meaning of “Evangelism Matters,” is that evangelism is important. Truer words are hard to find.

At this time in our world there is an almost critical need for good news and the Good News. Whether it is horrible mass shootings, natural disasters, our climate crisis, a vacuum of national leadership and on and on and on, we are all frankly inundated with bad news.

Thus evangelism—in its truest and purest form—is so incredibly necessary and I look forward to purposefully undertaking this effort this year and into the future.

I ask your prayers for all of us attending this conference and I ask for your willingness to help us to Spread the Word…


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