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Reflection: Resurrection Jesus

Reflection: Resurrection Jesus

By Jane Lee Wolfe

Resurrection Jesus presents pretty differently from pre-resurrection Jesus. He’s not a different person; he’s simply living emphatically a different part of the equation:

RJ: all about peace PRJ: all about justice
RJ: all about joy PRJ: all about kindness
RJ: all about love PRJ: all about humility

This is his final earth-bound gift to us. Jesus is showing us not just the action component of a fulfilled and fulfilling life. The action component is what he lived prior to his death. What he is showing us in this resurrection period is the fundamental basis of not only the action component but of life itself on earth. A holy life on earth is not possible without breathing in peace, drinking in joy and feeding on love.

A holy life on earth is not possible without breathing in peace, drinking in joy and feeding on love.

Peace. Before he died, Jesus tried to emphasize for us the singular importance of Peace. “My peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you.” In the resurrection period, he models what he means. Every time he walks into some place the first thing he says is “Peace.” His whole body language and affect is peaceful – he is slow, patient and present. Peaceful.

Joy. The resurrection Jesus radiates joy. No longer are the folks even partially afraid of what he might do or say. They are simply thrilled to see him – walking through the walls, on the beach fixing breakfast, ascending into heaven. No sense of loss anywhere, just pure joy – all caught up in the infectious joy of the resurrected Jesus. He is joyful in his new life. We are joyful in response to his joy.

Love. Jesus comes to be with us even after he’s died and we’ve run away scared. He meets us in the graveyard, on the road, in the house, on the mountain, by the sea. Wherever we are, he loves us and is with us. He’s not three-days’ journey away from our dying, he’s right there with us, alive, peaceful, joyful, loving.

Resurrection Jesus openly lives the ground of his life, the ground of his being, the ground of his relationship with God: God’s peace, God’s joy, God’s love. Resurrection Jesus gives us clear insight into the base of what makes us “tick.” Resurrection Jesus lives so we can see the great realities behind total commitment to justice, kindness and humility: peace, joy and love.

We must be grounded in and develop God’s peace, joy and love if we are to be just, kind and humble in the sustainable, transformative way that Jesus lived. Sometimes we don’t realize this enormous potential and responsibility within ourselves. But to do the best we can to move things along, to see that justice extends to more folks than ourselves, that kindness extends to those who make us uncomfortable and afraid, and that humility means we are easy with ourselves and others, we need this firm base of peace, joy and love.

Resurrection Jesus reveals the essence of who we are and who we can become.

Resurrection Jesus reveals the essence of who we are and who we can become. His unbelievable beauty is revealed in his peace, his joy and his love. With his unbelievable beauty our unbelievable beauty is revealed also. All we are and all we can become. That is Jesus’ resurrection gift to us: our unbelievable beauty rooted in God’s peace, God’s joy, and God’s love.

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