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Todd McKee Accepts Role as Chair of Transition Committee

Todd McKee Accepts Role as Chair of Transition Committee

The Standing Committee is excited to announce that the Rev. Todd McKee has accepted the responsibility of serving as chair of the Transition Committee. Please read Todd’s response and prayerfully consider how you might be a part of the work before us as the Episcopal Church in Vermont.

Todd states:

“I’m honored that the Standing Committee has given me the opportunity to play a key role in helping my sisters and brothers in the Episcopal Church in Vermont make our way through the significant transition that the coming years will hold.  I’m looking forward to the ways in which we can all work together to celebrate where we’ve been while Bishop Ely has journeyed with us, and to give thanks for his ministry.  I’m also looking forward to the unfolding of new things that God may yet do among us—and then celebrating our future and what new episcopal leadership will look like for the Vermont branch of the Jesus Movement.”

“There’s a lot of work ahead of us.  In the coming days we’ll finish forming the Transition Committee that will join me in organizing behind the scenes to prepare for our coming discussions, convention and celebrations.  In the coming months there will be  many opportunities for every member of our body to offer the best of their gifts and skills.  We’ll need creative dreamers, big picture thinkers, detailed organizers, hard-working doers, writers, musicians, liturgists, cooks and bakers, hosts and planners, and generous folks with just about every other skill and resource.  Together we will all help each other make the journey of our transitions so that we stand ready to be of service to God’s loving, liberating, life-giving mission.”

About the Rev. Todd McKee

The Rev. Todd McKee is a non-parochial priest in the Episcopal Church in Vermont. His current ministry is focused on increasing awareness of and engagement with the work of Cristosal, a human rights organization in El Salvador connected with the Episcopal Church in Vermont. Todd has been a part of five congregations during his 22 years in Vermont and serves as a regular supply priest with several other parishes near his home in White River Junction. He also serves on the diocesan Grants and Loans Committee. Todd is a bi-vocational priest and has worked for several social service organizations in Vermont and New Hampshire and now provides administrative support at the National Center for PTSD in the Department of Veterans Affairs. In addition to his work and ministry, Todd is passionate about good food and strong coffee, loves traveling to new places, tinkers with gardening and home repairs, and enjoys conversations with the guests he welcomes as an Airbnb host.

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