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Interim Bodies of The Episcopal Church 2019-2021

Interim Bodies of The Episcopal Church 2019-2021

Standing Commission on Governance, Structure, Constitution and Canons
Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music
Standing Commission on World Mission
Joint Standing Committee on Nominations
Joint Standing Committee on Program, Budget and Finance
House of Deputies Committee on the State of the Church
Advisory Group on Planting Churches [Resolution A005]
Task Force to Study Environmental Racism [Resolution A011]
Task Force on Creation of Care [Resolution A013]
Task Force on Theological Education Networking [Resolution A022]
Task Force on New Funding for Clergy Formation [Resolution A027]
Task Force on Congregational Redevelopment [Resolution A032]
Task Force on Safe Church Training [Resolution A048]
Task Force on Theology of Social Justice Advocacy [Resolution A056]
Task Force on Theology of Money [Resolution A061]
Task Force on Liturgical & Prayer Book Revision [Resolution A068]
Task Force to Develop Model Sexual Harassment Policies [Resolution A109]
Task Force to Assist Office of Pastoral Development [Resolution A147]
Task Force to Develop Substance Abuse Screening Process [Resolution A189]
Task Force on Communion Across Difference [Resolution A227]
Task Force on Formation & Ministry of the Baptized [Resolution C005]
Task Force to Develop Church -Wide Family Leave Policies [Resolution C019]
Task Force on Ministry to Individuals with Mental Illness [Resolution C034]
Task Force to Study Sexism in The Episcopal Church [Resolution C060]
Task Force on Women, Truth and Reconciliation [Resolution D016]
Task Force to Develop Anti-Sexism Training [Resolution D023]
Task Force on Clergy Formation & Continuing Education [Resolution D025]
Task Force to Coordinate Ecumenical & Interreligious Work [Resolution D055]
Task Force on Dialogue with South Sudanese Anglican Diaspora [Resolution D088]
Task Force on Disability & Deaf Access [Resolution D097]
Anglican-Roman Catholic Dialogue in the U.S.A.
Lutheran Episcopal Coordinating Committee
Moravian Episcopal Coordinating Committee
Presbyterian Episcopal Coordinating Committee
United Methodist Episcopal Committee
COVENANT COMMITTEE – The Episcopal Church in Liberia
COVENANT COMMITTEE – Iglesia Anglicana de la Region Central de America
COVENANT COMMITTEE – Igreja Episcopal do Brasil
COVENANT COMMITTEE – Iglesia Anglicana de Mexico
COVENANT COMMITTEE – The Episcopal Church in the Philippines

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