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Key Responsibilities for Convention Delegates

Key Responsibilities for Convention Delegates

Lay delegates elected at annual meeting in January, 2019 should be prepared to:

Read and watch any materials or videos that will be distributed about the candidates and discuss them with others in the parish (in late March and early April).

Attend at least one of the in-person or online “Walk About” which will occur April 28-May 1 in order to more fully introduce the candidates to the Episcopal Church in Vermont.

Engage in prayerful discernment about how they will vote in the election.
Attend the Special Convention at which our next bishop will be elected on Saturday, May 18 at the cathedral in Burlington.

Attend and participate in the usual Diocesan Convention, scheduled for October 26.

The rules for electing convention delegates including Special Conventions are laid out in Title 1, Canon 1 (sections 1-14) of the Diocesan Canons.

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